AirPods in the future as health monitors?

So far, Apple has only used the Apple Watch computer clock to track health settings. The iPhone can be used as a pedometer, but only the smartwatch has functions for monitoring heart rate and blood oxygen, as well as a 1-channel ECG. Apparently, Apple’s efforts to outfit its AirPods product line earplugs with health features are coming to an end. There have been rumors like this since last year.

As the the Wall Street newspaper Written this week, Apple is currently working on several ways to make health monitors other than AirPods. Among other things, measurement of body temperature (for which the ears are actually well suited) and posture would be considered. In addition, the possibilities of using AirPods as hearing aids should be expanded. This is evident from the documents the newspaper has – as well as from conversations with people familiar with the plans. Previously, Apple had researched methods of using the iPhone to detect depression.

It is not clear whether the new hearing aid functions will only enhance existing functionality or whether they will actually be marketed as hearing aid replacements. Among other things, there is currently a mode that can be used to boost conversations in the surroundings. The newspaper also doesn’t believe the new features will appear until next year – Apple may also withdraw the plans.

Devices with body temperature detection should already be available from Apple as a prototype. The AirPods could then detect a possible fever inside the ear. The Apple Watch could also measure body temperature in the future – corresponding sensors are said to be in the works. There are also plans to measure respiratory rate using AirPods microphones – studies are even underway here. The Apple Watch has also long been a warning against excessive ambient noise.

No more Macs and me

No more Macs and me

No more Macs and me


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