Amazon offers free cloud computing course, aims to train 29 million people

Amazon has developed an AWS re / Start program, full-time classroom training, and a skills development course for learning cloud computing. To take the course, applicants do not need to have a background in technology. Through this course, the candidate will not only gain knowledge about things related to technology, but also learn important skills including resume writing, methods of appearing for interviews and other things. The program will mainly focus on relational database skills, Linux, Python, security and networking. The brand claims that this course aims to prepare the candidate for all entry-level cloud positions.

The 12-week AWS re / Start program will prepare the individual for all essential cloud computing skills. This professional course can be used in 52 cities across 25 countries. At the end of the course, the individual will also be put in contact with temporary employers so that they can obtain suitable employment in the field of cloud computing. Interestingly, there is no age limit or fees for this course by Amazon.

This course was launched by Amazon to make cloud skills training accessible to people around the world. Program recruiters will also focus on recruiting people from different social and cultural backgrounds. Particular attention will be paid to those who belong to under-represented groups.

The AWS re / Start started in 2017 after the first cohort was held in London. Since 2017, Amazon has focused on the constant expansion of the program. This 12-week course is part of the brand’s global commitment to help 29 million people develop their technical skills for free.

This course comes at a time when most things in the world are becoming extremely dependent on digital media. According to the World Economic Forum, 84% of employers are moving quickly to digitized work processes. In addition, the international organization also predicts that over the next five years, 50% of all employees worldwide will need retraining.

Amazon India previously launched the ML Summer School for students to learn applied machine learning (ML) skills covering basic machine learning concepts. Students had direct experience with advanced ML techniques such as deep learning and probabilistic graphing models. In addition, online courses are also offered on data analysis, python coding, machine learning, and NoSQL databases on AWS.

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