Assistant professor / associate professor / professor position, School of Computer Science and Engineering at VELLORE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY

Design of digital systems, microprocessors and microcontrollers, theoretical calculation – assistant professor / associate professor / professor

Job description:

Desired skills:

  • Applicants should have a PhD in the relevant field from reputable institutions such as IIT, NIT, etc.
  • Must have sufficient experience in education, industry and research with reputable institutions.
  • Should have research articles published in international / national journals.
  • Should have published books and fellows awarded / currently working for.
  • Applicants who have filed patents / consultancy work carried out will be favored.
  • An exposure to the management of high added value funded projects will be an added advantage



  • Presentation of the classroom
  • Lab instructions
  • Development Learning of material resources and laboratory development
  • Assessment and assessment of students, including university exam work.
  • Participation in extracurricular and extracurricular activities
  • Guidance, advice and assistance to students in their personal, ethical, moral and overall development of their character
  • Keep abreast of new knowledge and skills, help generate new knowledge and help disseminate this knowledge through books, publications, seminars, documents, etc.,
  • Continuous training activities Personal development through upgrading Qualification, experience and professional activities

Research consultancy:

  • Research development activities and research orientation
  • Industry sponsored projects
  • Provision of consulting and testing services
  • Promotion of industry – institution and R&D interaction

Academic / Administration:

  • Academic and administrative management of the establishment
  • Policy planning, monitoring and evaluation and promotional activities; both at departmental and institutional level
  • Design and development of a new program.
  • Prepare financing projects in the areas of R&D work, laboratory development, modernization, expansion, etc.
  • Administration at departmental and institutional level
  • Institutional development, administration and management
  • Monitoring and evaluation of academic and research activities
  • Participation in policy planning at regional / national level for the development of technical education
  • Help mobilize resources for the Institution
  • Develop, update and maintain the GIS
  • Plan and implement staff development activities, conduct performance review
  • Maintain accountability
  • Industrial expansion / connectivity
  • Interaction with industry and society
  • Participation in community services
  • Provide R&D support and advisory services to industry and other user agencies
  • Offer non-formal modes of education for the benefit of the Community
  • Promotion of entrepreneurship and job rotation
  • Knowledge dissemination
  • Provide technical support in areas of social importance

In addition to the above tasks, any other relevant work assigned by the dean of the respective schools.

Department: School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCOPE)
Open positions: 1
Site: Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India
Years of experience : 5 to 15 years

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