Best Industry Seal of Approval for Computer Games Course

A leading trading body in the games industry has awarded prestigious accreditation to a respected computer games program at the University of the West of Scotland.

The sought-after TIGA distinction is awarded to the best gaming courses – including UWS’s BSc (Hons) computer game development program – with the aim of helping students and potential employers easily identify courses that produce results. graduates ready for industry.

Dr Thomas Hainey, UWS Computer Game Development Program Manager, said: “I am absolutely delighted that the UWS BSc (Hons) Computer Game Development Program has achieved TIGA accreditation. This is a phenomenal opportunity to maintain and improve the standards of the course in collaboration with respected representatives of the gaming industry and to provide excellent opportunities and better employability to our students.

“The program is made up of highly dedicated staff and many talented students who should all be commended for making this accreditation possible. Many thanks to the accreditation team and I am sure that with their continued support the course will continue to progress on a successful upward trajectory.

TIGA uses data from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) ‘graduate results’ to help it make its decision on which courses should qualify for the highly regarded accreditation.

Employment numbers figure prominently in the grading system, and 89% of UWS computer game development graduates were in degree-related jobs after 15 months.

The course encompasses a wide range of skills that equip graduates for roles in the industry as game developers or help provide a solid foundation for further study in specialist roles in the industry. The broad nature of the program provides a strong environment for interdisciplinary teamwork, and the program includes a range of opportunities to develop appropriate group skills essential to industry practice.

The TIGA Accreditation Team commended UWS for its commitment to the student experience and willingness to tailor education to suit the local job market. They also noted that the University maintains close ties with industry partners who demonstrate high levels of engagement with the course.

This includes a strong relationship with Blazing Griffin, who provided a range of lectures, panels, and industry contests for students of the degree program. Pineapple Studios is also a key industry partner in terms of employability and has recruited a significant number of graduates from the course into game development roles.

Dr Richard Wilson OBE, CEO of TIGA, said: “The UWS BSc (Hons) Computer Game Development Course prepares students for independent game development roles and provides a solid platform for specialist study. more in-depth. Students of the course enjoy strong ties with Blazing Griffin and Pineapple Studios.

“Teamwork, which is vitally important to our industry, is actively encouraged. Congratulations to the staff and students of UWS on your successful accreditation.

Dr Jacob Habgood, TIGA Educational Advisor, said: “Scottish study programs always represent good value for money for local students, allowing them to explore a large-scale study program for four years. In the case of the BSc (Hons) Computer Games Development degree, this gives its students the time and space to explore a wide range of roles in the industry without accumulating significant debt levels through tuition fees. .

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