CCISD is once again offering a mechatronics course

At the Copper Country Middle School District Education Council meeting on Tuesday, the organization approved a contract with Michigan Tech to once again offer mechatronics to vocational and technical education students.

Mechatronics is the marriage of several engineering disciplines to create complete systems. It uses skills developed in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer programming, robotics and creation of computer hardware. Michigan Tech is now offering an undergraduate degree in the field for the first time, and Professor Alex Sergeyev is directly involved in teaching the CCISD program, allowing a smooth transition from high school to college for those interested in the field. . Last year, 10 students were part of the program.

CTE director Shawn Kolbus said the school year has started well. The Automotive Technology program continues to be the most popular.

After the mileage passed and we opened up other programs, I thought a lot of these kids would filter into the other programs. The automotive industry continues to be one of our strongest registration programs by far.

Last year, Calumet’s Zander Worm received national honors in the SkillsUSA competition. This helps to create a dynamic for all the programs of the Vocational and Technical Training Center.

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