Computer science and software engineering: J

Solving technical challenges, developing and implementing research projects, collaborating across disciplines and national borders – the aim of the program is to equip graduates with research and leadership skills for a tech-enabled and digital work environment . Already during their studies, the international network of the two universities offers students the opportunity to gain practical experience through internships, research groups and industrial projects. Second, they have direct access to the global labor market.

Students can choose courses in three areas: software engineering, cybersecurity or artificial intelligence. The technical knowledge acquired is complemented by other compulsory courses in leadership, entrepreneurship, product development, organizational behavior and communication. This interdisciplinary approach responds to labor market demands for young professionals to be technically as well as scientifically and economically literate.

This degree program is the first to be offered in cooperation by Jacobs University and SIT. It was initially created by Professor Mauro Pezzè, Director of the Master’s Program at SIT, and then adapted to German accreditation requirements by the JUB faculty team led by Peter Zaspel, Professor of Computer Science.

Students are free to choose the location of their studies; it is also possible to switch between Bremen and Schaffhausen. The hybrid teaching format allows for close cooperation and regular exchanges between students and teachers from both institutions.

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