Computer Science More Popular Than Ever For Students – What It Is Exactly

OKdo’s study showed that the number of students taking computer science courses at GCSE and undergraduate has increased

More and more young students want to tackle the subject of computer science

The number of computer science students in high school and university has increased.

OKdo figures show that more than 79,964 students completed the GCSE computer science course in 2021, up from 78,459 in 2020.

In 2014, only 16,773 students took the course, suggesting that the industry has done a great job in orienting young people towards careers in IT.

With over 11,000 jobs across the UK referencing IT skills and qualifications and an average salary of £ 53,857, it’s no wonder the subject is growing at a massive pace.

However, the number of female students remains low – down 2% in 2021 from 2020.

But what exactly is IT?

In a nutshell, computer science is the study of algorithmic processes, computing machines, and computing itself.

Still confused? Basically, it involves looking at a problem and finding a way a computer could help you fix it.

To analyze the problem, you will need to use computational thinking, a skill used by people like programmers, coders, and software engineers.

The number of vacancies in this industry is also 91% higher than last year, making it easier for young students to find the job of their dreams in the IT world.

According to 2021 data, an additional 1,500 students wrote GCSE-level exams compared to 2020, suggesting an annual increase of 2%.

It’s not just schoolchildren either, the rise is evident among university students, with those choosing computer science at the undergraduate level also increasing by 2%.

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The analysis comes from global tech company OKdo, which reviewed the numbers for their Computing in the classroom report.

Julia Adamson, Director of Education at BCS, the Chartered Institute for Computing, said: “Computing offers great career opportunities for young people. We have seen a growing number of studying it, as well as more teachers developing their knowledge and expertise to deliver an inspiring program with support from the National Center for Computing Education, launched in 2018.

“Great progress has been made, but there is still a lot to do, especially to encourage more girls and those from under-represented groups”

Nicki Young, President of OKdo, added, “Our research underscores how important it is for the number of students studying computer science at GCSE and beyond – and choosing this career to continue to grow. magnitude. The tech industry has grown reliably and there is a great demand for talented people with this specific skill set.

“Great strides have been made and it’s so encouraging to see more students choosing this subject, but there is still work to be done to truly engage the tech talent of tomorrow. A data analyst, a software developer, a web designer – these careers should be aspirations. “

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