Computer Systems invests 105,000 euros for scientific research on remote data recovery methods

Thessaloniki, Greece, October 31, 2021 – ( – Computer Systems Labs are proud to announce the launch of a new data recovery department research project. This project will be co-financed by the region of Central Macedonia, as well as by the EU with a total budget of 105,000 euros. Once again, Computer Systems will be the only SME in the EU to invest in real scientific research into data recovery methods. Following nature’s commands for the circular economy and climate neutral development, this project will focus on producing data recovery tools for remote data recovery services. Computer Systems customers are already familiar with the “do it yourself” data recovery kits produced by the company. DfS and FW-FXR have already helped thousands of customers around the world recover their data from Seagate hard drives. With new equipment, computer systems engineers will be able to perform the data recovery process remotely without customers having to send the hard drive to the shop. Beyond the reduction in costs and the obvious benefits of data privacy, this method will significantly reduce the transport of hard drives and personnel while, as with previous products, newer equipment will use recycled materials.

For the purpose of this research project, Computer Systems is issuing an open invitation to donate – purchase of used defective hard drives of the following condition:

2.5 “and 3.5” SATA hard drives of all sizes
SSD hard drives of all sizes
2.5 “and 3.5” IDE hard drive greater than 60 GB
External hard drives of all kinds
The drives must not have been opened internally (for external hard drives the open case is OK) and must have original stickers on them.

Permanently delete (erase) the hard drive in a condition that is guaranteed to do so, as well as the proper recycling of all parts after they have been used for research purposes.

Contact email:
[email protected]

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