Cybersecurity as a sitcom: new course TU Graz

TU Graz’s cybersecurity consultants repeatedly raise people’s feet and draw attention with stories of newly discovered attacks on embedded laptop systems – most recently details of ÆpicLeak and SQUIP have been published, the Meltdown and Specter vulnerabilities sparked global joy in 2019.

Most of these cyberattacks are complicated secondary attacks that are difficult to stop. Algorithms and information are not directly targeted here. Instead, bodily or logical adverse effects are detected and analyzed to extract protected information or algorithms. Potential indicators include electromagnetic radiation, power consumption, time taken to perform certain features, and memory usage, among others. Security vulnerabilities can be fixed using patches or {hardware} with a fundamentally completely different design.

Information sharing by a sitcom

The research team, led by Daniel Gruss of the Institute for Utilized Computing and Communications at TU Graz, aims to make its detailed information on side-channel attacks as accessible as possible to as many viewers as possible. enjoyable sitcom. The setting for this unconventional teaching method is a circle shared by a group of scholars who need to know more about the side channels. Together with course members, they learn what side channels are, why they are so critical to IT security, and how hackers assume them and keep them one step ahead.

Along with the Facet Channel Safety Fundamentals curricula previously printed on the online learning platform, two five-part series of the all-new course, Facet Channel Safety – Caches and Body Assaults, will be available starting August 23. online on time YouTube Channel “Facet Channel Safety”.

  • Faceted Channel Security Fundamentals:
    Facet-Channel Safety: Developing a Facet-Channel Mindset (5 Elements)
    Introduction to Facet Channels and Reductions software program (5 items)
  • NEW: Faceted Channel Security – Caches and Body Attacks
    Cache Facet-Channel Assaults and Mitigations (5 episodes, starting August 23, 2022)
    Body and Superior Facet Channel Assaults (5 episodes, starting November 8, 2022)

Individuals can register at The content is free and students can also get a certificate by completing a train at the end of the course. After completing each program, members receive a certificate of competency.

“This system is not only essential for computer science students, but also targets people who work with computer technologies in companies such as software designers as well as managers. We give them basic information that allows them to accurately measure the degree of security of techniques and software. Because there is nothing more dangerous than a false sense of security”, explains Daniel Gruss.

Facet Channel Safety Sitcom – Trailer:

TU Graz programs on the edX online learning platform

TU Graz started organizing cybersecurity and electronics programs on the global online learning platform in March 2022 (overview of all TU Graz programs). edX’s 42 million users can choose from more than 3,600 programs in numerous subjects offered by partners such as Harvard, MIT, ETH Zurich and the Technical College of Munich. TU Graz launched its collaboration with as part of the College’s digital strategic mission TU Graz as part of the third mission’s movement space centered on the transfer of information to society and business. For more information, see the Partnership Initiation Information: Study Online: TU Graz Programs at

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