Enthusiasts created a video wall with 40 ARGB keyboards and, of course, launched Doom

Screens used to make PC keyboards more popular, but what about using an ARGB keyboard? Of course, one keyboard is not enough, SignalRGB has built a 40 keyboard video wall with WhirlwindFX v2 technology. The result is a 5 by 8 keyboard panel that looks impressive and replicates intricate lighting effects and even shows off video.

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This video below shows the preparation of the wall, the fixing of the elements, the connection, and the possibilities of the stand. All keyboards were connected by a few USB buttons and many wires to the PC. Each keyboard was placed between four nails on the wall. Due to the large number of simultaneously connected USB devices, installation costs less than 14 hours

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The signalRGB software was the magic that made this mega keyboard work. This program allows you to set the correct number of LED grid elements. Together, 40 keyboards are displayed with 95-x48 times more than each other (in total about 4,500 keys). The software was installed for an hour.

The demos took place right after everything was set up. The keyboard array appears to have improved on the scene when pixelated waves, explosions, and moving patterns are applied. Unlike their other films, the most diverse scenes played well. However, using computer hardware to play games other than testing is not appropriate for testing purposes.

How could it be without Doom? Tom, Mario and other games were also featured. Games with the simplest graphics are the best. Experimenters enjoyed introducing Fruit Ninja via an Apple-like keyboard to create a quick screen.

Oamenii admits that Logitech was probably the first to build a giant screen with a keyboard a few years ago at a PAX event. But there are a few options for developing an RGB signal, which is the first fully addressable, bespoke display of its kind that comes with the creation of the software. To be fair, the Logitech wall only drew one animated animation, while the SignalRGB system listened to an hour in real time.

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