Get the Microsoft Azure qualification with this online course

The line between the digital world and the real world has become very blurred and when it comes to careers, requirements for IT skills are increasing, making certification courses more important than ever. That’s why Microsoft Azure helps you learn the fundamentals.

Obtain a Microsoft Certification Azure Fundamentals such as those created for AI, data and Microsoft 365 will give you all the tools you need to turn an idea into a working solution.

But, to know how to best use and manipulate all that Microsoft Azure offers users, you must be qualified to use it. That’s why New Horizons is offering students in Malta the chance to get a Microsoft certification for €0.

New Horizons offers students in Malta the opportunity to train and become Microsoft Certified for €0. A program that includes training, content, practice test and free certification, earning this certification will help you stand out in employability and career development.

Signing up for New Horizons is the way to go if you want to get Microsoft certification for free. They are an Official Microsoft Learning Partner, so you can rest assured that your certification extends beyond our borders.

No matter what year you are in, what subject you are studying or what school you are attending, you can apply to get your Microsoft certificate. You don’t even need to have prior knowledge of IT, coding, or any other data-driven role.

All you need to do is register and start your two-day journey towards Microsoft certification is a personal computer, internet access and an understanding of the English language.

Offering four unique courses, simply choose the area that most interests you and click “apply”. You can enroll in several courses and have the opportunity to improve your skills in technologies such as Azure, AI, Data or Microsoft365.

Once you have selected your course, take a look at the lesson plan and who will be your tutor. Scrolling down the page will also display all of the available dates on which the course will take place.

Pick your days, be sure to put them in your calendar, and get ready for your online training.

Once registered, you will be added to a group of teams where you will have the opportunity to socialize with your course mates and access valuable information and all the necessary tools you need to pass this exam.

The last step will be to take your mock exam which will also take place online. Once you have passed the simulation, you will receive a voucher for the final exam. You don’t need to worry about your results because you will receive your certification immediately.

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