Google Cloud Expands Partnership with NSF to Support Research in Institutions Serving Minorities

Katie Berlent, head of education strategy and operations at Google Cloud, said the company has expanded its partnership with the National Science Foundation to provide research credits and training to principal investigators at institutions serving minorities .

Google Cloud will support NSF-funded projects through the Institutions Serving Minorities Computing and Information Science and Engineering Research Expansion Program, which provides up to $ 7 million in funding per year, Berlent said in a blog post on Thursday.

The company will offer live instructor-led courses and workshops to teach CISE-MSI graduates the fundamentals of the cloud and the big data and machine learning capabilities of the technology.

The program aims to advance research agendas and foster innovation in science, engineering and technology in MSI. It covers research areas such as cyber-physical systems, secure and trustworthy cyberspace, and intelligent connected communities.

Fay Cobb Payton, program director at NSF’s CISE branch, said four of the 25 projects that received funding in September intended to use Google Cloud for research in areas such as artificial intelligence , deep learning, data science, cybersystems, distributed frameworks and wireless networks. .

“This collaboration improves support and reduces costs for IPs, which have access to Google Cloud credits and resources like CloudBank, as well as researcher and student training,” said Payton.

Alice Kamens, strategic projects and program manager for higher education at Google Cloud, said that allowing principal researchers to request cloud computing resources “has resulted in a higher level of cloud adoption, which has benefited from their proposals and will henceforth benefit their research “.

Principal investigators who wish to apply for the next cycle of the program must submit their application until February 11, 2022.

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