government of Delhi. launches a course to encourage entrepreneurship

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Tuesday launched the Delhi government’s Business Blasters program which provides 2,000 yen in seed capital to students in grades XI and XII of Delhi public schools to develop an entrepreneurial spirit.

Mr Sisodia said the program will revolutionize education in the country. “Business Blasters will form the basis of a developed India. If we start the entrepreneurship study program [EMC] and Business Blasters in schools across the country, so the day is not far off when we will change the story in our textbooks that India is not a developing country but a developed country, ”Sisodia said. .

The minister said that the entrepreneurship studies program will make India a country of educated and capable young people. “The work we are preparing our children for today will be done by computers in the years to come. Instead of developing entrepreneurship in kids, we just teach math, physics, chemistry, language and social studies, ”Sisoida said.

Speaking of unemployment, Mr Sisodia said that today there are around 25 million homeless people in India, thousands of civil engineers are unemployed and 180 million people still go to bed hungry in the country. Young people coming out of agricultural universities say they don’t have a job.

The biggest downside of the education system, he said, is that we impart knowledge to our children, but we haven’t instilled entrepreneurship. “We teach them to work hard, making them talented, but we have failed to instill in them the courage to become an entrepreneur,” Sisodia said.

Micro-research project

The EMC also includes a micro-research project, where children ask questions of five entrepreneurs and five working people related to their profession so that children can understand the pros and cons of each profession, said the EMC. Minister.

The Minister also announced that soon, an EMC carnival will be organized with the top 100 projects of the Business Blasters project within the framework of the EMC project at the zone and district levels, where the projects initiated by the students will be evaluated by entrepreneurs and renowned universities. He added that children included in the top 10 projects will be directly admitted to the BBA course in NSUT and DTU.

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