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  • February 26, 2022
  • 07:17

Knowledge of cybersecurity topics has evolved over time from a specialized sub-discipline to a core competency for any IT professional. Even those new to the industry should have at least a basic understanding of cybersecurity tactics and tools. Complete CyberSecurity 2021 Super Pack helps you hone your skills and add new ones.

The bundle consists of 24 courses from the team at iCollege and ITProTV. iCollege was founded in 2003 to provide self-paced professional development, accessible from anywhere and taught by instructors who have worked in the field. ITProTV was launched in 2013 with a focus on IT training with pre-recorded classes and live streams, designed to be accessible and educational at the same time.

For practical skills, there are hands-on courses on ethical hacking, email protection, mobile device security, malware, and other topics. All are approached in a practical spirit, focusing on common situations to illustrate the theory and procedure for finding problems and resolving them before malicious actors can enter.

If you’re looking for career growth, other courses explore earning a wide range of professional IT certifications. The courses cover the cybersecurity certification suite GSEC, CISM, Cyber ​​First Responder, SSCP, CISSP and CompTIA. All courses focus on both the exam and what you can expect, as well as the skills you need to pass in the first place.

With lifetime access, you can add these courses to your training library and help new employees get up to speed. It’s also great for brushing up on skills and practicing as needed, as it’s accessible anywhere you have a modern browser.

Cybersecurity is central to the daily lives of IT professionals, and taking the time to hone your skills pays dividends for your career. The Complete 2021 CyberSecurity Super Bundle helps you upgrade your skills for $69.99, 99% off the MSRP of $7,080.

Prices subject to change.

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