IIT Madras invites applications from students for a free 8-week online course in Data Science

IIT Madras is offering a free online course called Data Science for Engineers on NPTEL platform for students

IIT Madras invited applications from undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as anyone interested in a free online course in data science. The course entitled “Data Science for Engineers” aims to introduce participants to R as a programming language and to the mathematical foundations required for data science. Students will also be introduced to entry-level data science algorithms, a data analysis problem-solving framework, and a hands-on case study.

The course will be led by Professor Rengaswamy, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Co-Lead of the Process Control and Optimization Consortium at Texas Tech University, Lubbock, USA. He was also Professor and Associate Professor at Clarkson University, USA and Adjunct Professor at IIT Bombay. Professor Shankar Narasimhan, currently a professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at IIT Madras, will also attend the course.

What Will IIT Madras Data Science Free Online Course Offer?

The following topics will be covered in the free online data science course:

  • Course philosophy and introduction to R.
  • Linear algebra for data science.
  • Algebraic view: vectors, matrices, product of a matrix and a vector, rank, null space, solution of an overdetermined and pseudo-inverse set of equations.
  • Geometric view: vectors, distance, projections and eigenvalue decomposition.
  • Statistics such as descriptive statistics, notion of probability, distributions, mean, variance, covariance, covariance matrix, understanding univariate and multivariate normal distributions, introduction to hypothesis testing, confidence interval for estimates.
  • Optimization: typology of data science problems and a solution framework, and simple linear regression and verification assumptions used in linear regression.
  • Multivariate linear regression, model evaluation, evaluation of the importance of different variables and selection of subsets.
  • Classification by logistic regression.
  • Classification using kNN and k-means clustering.

Results of IIT Madras Free Online Data Science Course

Some of the outcomes that IIT Madras aims to achieve through the course are:

  • Describe a flow process for data science problems.
  • Classify data science problems into a standard typology.
  • Develop R codes for data science solutions.
  • Correlate the results to the solution approach followed.
  • Assess the approach to the solution.
  • Build use cases to validate the approach and identify necessary modifications.

Important Details of IIT Madras Free Online Data Science Course

Interested and eligible candidates will need to register for the course by August 1, 2022, and the course will be available on the NPTEL platform from July 25 to September 16, 2022. Although the course is free, those who wish to obtain certificates will have to pay Rs 1000 and take an exam on September 25, 2022. Those interested in learning more about the course are welcome to drop by the official page for more information.

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