IIT Madras Offers Free Online Machine Learning Course in English and Tamil

IIT Madras offered a free online course on machine learning for students in English and Hindi on the NPTEL platform

IIT Madras is currently accepting applications for a free online course called Introduction to Machine Learning which can be taken by students and professionals. The course is offered in English and Tamil, and although the English course lasts 12 weeks, the Tamil course is shorter and can be completed in 4 weeks. After successfully completing the courses and homework, participants can get a certificate by paying Rs 1000 and passing an exam which will take place on April 24, 2022 for the English course and on March 27, 2022 for the Tamil course.

The free online machine learning course in English will be taught by Balaraman Ravindran, who is currently Professor of Computer Science at IIT Madras and Mindtree Faculty Fellow. He has nearly two decades of research experience in machine learning and in particular reinforcement learning. The Tamil course will be led by Arun Rajkumar, who is currently an Assistant Professor in the Computer Engineering Department at IIT Madras. His doctoral thesis was in machine learning and his broad research interests are in machine learning and sequential decision making.

Who Can Take the IIT Madras Free Online Course on Machine Learning?

Courts can be occupied by teachers and undergraduate and postgraduate students with a basic knowledge of linear algebra, probability, programming, and algorithms. The aim of the course is to cover the topics at a high level so that it serves as the first course for a full-fledged machine learning course. As for the course in Tamil, the course will be taught in spoken Tamil while the technical terms discussed, exams or homework will be in English.

What will IIT Madras’ free online course on machine learning cover?

The course will cover the different learning paradigms and some of the most popular algorithms and architectures used in machine learning. The course in English will cover the following topics:

Probability theory, linear algebra and convex optimization.

Introduction: Statistical decision theory, regression, classification or bias variance.

Linear regression, multivariate regression, selection of subsets, shrinkage methods, principal component regression and partial least squares.

Decision trees, regression trees, stop criteria and pruning loss functions, categorical attributes, multiple divisions, missing values, decision trees – instability evaluation measures, and much more.

The Tamil course will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to Supervised Learning – Regression; Subjects – Linear regression; Peak regression; LASSO.
  • Supervised learning – Classification; Subjects: K-NN, Decision tree, Naive Bayes, Logistic regression.
  • Supervised learning – Classification; Topics: Perceptron, Support vector machines, Introduction to neural networks.
  • Unsupervised learning – K-means clustering, PCA

Those who want to know more about the free online course on machine learning in English and Tamil are welcome to go through the official website for more information.

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