Jefferson State Community College: College Offering New Data Analytics Course

October 27, 2021

Jefferson State has partnered with ThinkData Solutions and the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham for a new data analytics course that began October 12.

ThinkData Solutions Inc. is a data development collective that helped develop the course curriculum.

Data analysts provide accurate and valuable data to businesses, giving their employers better decision-making opportunities.

The course will prepare candidates for Microsoft DA-100 certification in Microsoft Power BI and includes an exam voucher.

The first 8 week course will last until December 7th. The dates of the next courses will be communicated.

Candidates will learn:

  • How to get data from different sources and transform it, using data cleansing techniques and best practices.
  • How to model data in meaningful data sets.
  • How to visualize data and create dashboards.
  • How to analyze the data, including applying fittings and filters, identifying outliers, and applying AI insights.
  • How to deploy and manage reports, including configuring dataset refresh settings, creating and configuring a workspace, applying sensitivity labels to workspace content, and how to deploy pipelines.

For more information about the course, send an email [email protected].

The Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham provides financial assistance to participants.

Jefferson State has applied for training grants from the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham for at least 40 unemployed, low-income and / or low-skilled adults, with a focus on women and minorities, who have been affected by the COVID-19 crisis and need specialized assistance to register and undergo accelerated training and enter the workforce. Funding is used for students enrolled in computer programs such as Cyber ​​Security, IT Technician / CompTia A +, Full-Stack Web Development, IT Helpdesk, Python, and Data Analytics.

These training programs have gone online to meet the immediate needs of IT jobs in the region. Since financial aid is not available for non-credit training, scholarships will be given to at-risk students for registration fees and stipends such as books, fees, childcare, housing, transportation, gasoline and other living expenses. The objective of this funding is to get those who are out of the labor force due to the current economic crisis to become permanently attached to a job and to become self-sufficient through obtaining a job and / or post-secondary opportunities.

For more information about the Foundation, visit

This press release was produced by Jefferson State Community College. The opinions expressed here are those of the author.

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