Job club course launched at Radcliffe to help people get back to work

A group that offers friendship and support to job seekers is launching a new course.

Every Thursday evening, Radcliffe Primary School on Coronation Road opens its doors for the Radcliffe Job Club to people looking for jobs in the area.

A new course starts on Thursday, September 8.

Laptops are available, tea and coffee are available, and a team of trained staff and volunteers are on hand to welcome members.

The organization is run in partnership with the national charity Christians Against Poverty and offers small group classes and one-on-one coaching for those who are unemployed or looking for a new job.

The club is flexible and accommodating and members can stay from a few weeks to several years depending on their needs.

Director Julie Macauley said: ‘We meet people where they are, some people just need help sprucing up their CVs, others need to learn how to use a computer and how to apply online .

“Some of our members are long-term unemployed and need a safe, supportive and engaged place to regain their confidence and motivation.”

Members of the Jobs Club and volunteers from St Andrews and Emmanuel Community Churches explained why the club is so important.

Carla said: “The main thing was that it helped boost my confidence.

“Anyone could come in and they would help anyone with any problem. There are people in the same situation as you.

Claire added: “I was in a safe environment. I knew if I asked a question it might seem silly to me, but it wasn’t to them.

“While I was there I saw a notice in the window of a charity shop saying volunteers were wanted.

“I filled out a form, did a trial shift and they were blown away. Almost a year ago now I started there as a volunteer – my confidence just kept going up. grow.”

Julie said, “It’s great to see how Job Club members support each other, take an interest in each other’s lives and develop a sense of belonging.

“We would love to welcome more people to join us as we begin our next course in September.”

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