Jobs in Australia: Amazon course helped stay-at-home dad find work after 5 years

After five years without a job, a Brisbane stay-at-home dad didn’t think he would ever find a new job – here’s how he landed the role of his dreams.

After five years out of work, a Brisbane stay-at-home dad managed to get hired for his ‘fairy tale’ job after taking a three-month online course.

Joseph Howe was one of 200,000 people across Australia who have completed an Amazon Web Services (AWS) digital skills program since 2017.

Mr. Howe completed the free AWS re / Start training program and gained valuable computer skills that helped him re-enter the workforce.

The father of a 37-year-old started the program after being frustrated with a six-month job search.

“I had stopped working to become a full-time parent. When my son started going to school, I said to myself: “It’s nice, I’m going to get back to computers”, I spent six months looking for work and I didn’t get lucky, ”he said.

“I’m guessing mainly because I’m almost 40 and haven’t been in the workforce for almost five years.”

Its reintroduction into the workforce comes as thousands leave their current jobs after working during the Covid pandemic.

In August alone, 4.3 million people in the United States left their jobs, according to the Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey, and that includes everyone from frontline workers to senior managers – a similar trend is expected. occur in Australia.

A Microsoft study also found that 40 percent of workplaces around the world plan to say goodbye to their employers this year.

Human relations experts believe the pandemic has given employees a better idea of ​​what they want when balancing their lives and careers.

Mr Howe said Amazon’s re / Start program has given him a job where he can juggle family life and work.

“I joined a group a week after hearing about the program. Then, after three months of study, I was offered two jobs, ”he said.

“During the program, you move from the educational component to the recruiting component, where HR professionals help you with your resume and pitch and things like that. The course just gave me the confidence to know I could get a job – the role I’m in now is like a fairy tale.

Earlier this year, an Amazon study revealed a huge digital skills shortage in Australia.

Today they will be rolling out a self-paced learning program that will work in partnership with the current re / Start program. It’s called AWS Skill Builder.

The push for the educational arms of the digital goliath came after the release of a report earlier this year that showed Australia would need 6.5 million newly-skilled and retrained digital workers by 2025.

Amazon said in a statement that AWS Skill Builder is expected to provide free cloud computing skills to 29 million people around the world over the next four years.

Director and National Global Public Sector Leader – Australia & New Zealand at AWS Iain Rouse told 90% of re / Start graduates landed a job interview after the program.

He said the program was focused on people who had been unemployed for some time.

“We need to go beyond the status quo and create the conditions for success where skills can be acquired in hours and credentials acquired in days,” he said.

“There is incredible untapped potential for non-tech workers to develop their digital skills and, with their current experience and skills, create incredible advancements in our communities and our society. “

The launch of AWS Skill Builder is part of Amazon’s investment of hundreds of millions of dollars to provide free cloud computing skills training to 29 million people worldwide by 2025.

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