Learning Blade Launches NEW Introductory Coding Course


CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee., January 3, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Learning blade® announces the release of “Introduction to coding” to help teachers provide students with an introduction to computers, text-based computer programming, and careers in computer science. This accompanies more than 100 IT related courses and lesson plans that are already part of Learning Blade’s online courses and offline course outlines which are designed to increase awareness and interest in IT careers, STEM and CTE, and which are aligned with the academic state. standards for grades 5-9.

Introduction to Coding is a 5 week coding course offering 7e and 8e-Students with over 20 hours of robust coding experience that includes both online and offline activities. These unique lessons include topics like basic algorithms, online account security issues, common hacking methods and ways to combat them and many more. This course was created at the request of Arkansas Governor Asa hutchinson and with the contribution of the State IT team.

“With the Learning Blade tool in schools, students are exposed to the world of CS courses, CS opportunities and CS career paths, making more students interested in CS jobs such as coding. The new “Intro to Coding” block will continue to improve what teachers can offer their students. “ remarked the governor Asa hutchinson.

Governor Hutchinson is currently president of the National Governor’s Association (NGA) and has chosen computer science education as the initiative of its president. Learning Blade, a CS / STEM / CTE resource, supports this initiative and is currently available free to all educators in Arkansas, thanks in large part to the Governor’s CS Initiative and the Arkansas Department of Education, in partnership with the Arkansas Public Schools Resource Center.

Sheila and Dr. Dane boyington, Founders of Learning Blade and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Learning Blade Former US Congressman Zach Wamp, were invited to attend upcoming NGA meetings this year to share some of the best practices from their eight current statewide efforts.

“Learning Blade continues to innovate and expand the resources provided to teachers and students to support the growth of the future workforce and increase economic opportunities for states that offer this excellent statewide system.” said Zach Wamp.

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