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Lovely Professional University Collaborates with Google Cloud to Launch New Graduate Course in Cloud Computing

Posted on November 30, 2021

New Delhi –Lovely Professional University (LPU), the country’s leading private university, has partnered with Google Cloud India to launch a new Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) course in Computer Engineering (CSE) Cloud Computing with a specialization in Google Cloud to equip students with the skills they need for careers in a modern cloud-based workplace.

Feeding the first generation of the cloud

Cloud computing is increasingly becoming a sought-after career choice in IT as more companies of all sizes embrace the cloud to help them overcome technological challenges and achieve their business goals. With an in-depth understanding of cloud architecture and Google Cloud, students can design, develop, and manage robust, scalable, and dynamic solutions to achieve business goals.

LPU-Google’s B.Tech Cloud Computing Course is a new four-year graduate course designed for students with little or no experience or experience in cloud computing and provides a detailed overview of concepts covering the fundamentals of cloud infrastructure on Google Cloud, big data, and machine learning.

LPU and Google Cloud jointly designed the program to help students plan their careers in this growing cloud computing industry. The multidisciplinary course includes electives relevant to the industry and encourages the acquisition of in-depth expertise through industry-recognized training, skills badges and certifications.

The course will explore the advanced cloud-enabled technologies on the flexible infrastructure and platform services of Google Cloud, it will pull insights into the data using analysis and visualization tools on Google Cloud.

The program provides students with a comprehensive introduction to cloud technology through concepts, hands-on labs, assessments, and certifications on topics such as:

● Basics of cloud, big data and machine learning

● The flexible infrastructure and platform services of Google Cloud

● Derive insights from data using analysis and visualization tools on Google Cloud

● Designed, developed and deployed applications that seamlessly integrate components of the Google Cloud ecosystem

● Fundamentals and best practices of site reliability engineering

Commenting on the merger, Sh. Ashok Mittal, Chancellor of Lovely Professional University, said “LPU’s Google Cloud partnership to deliver ‘B.Tech CSE Cloud Computing’ was designed to train candidates in Internet-based computing techniques and methods. Based on LPU’s unrivaled and well-regarded teaching pedagogy, students will be introduced to the latest virtualization skills and knowledge using Google tools and resources. LPU and Google Cloud are teaming up to provide students with the right tools and skills to adapt to ever-changing business ecosystems and new technologies.

Google Certified Trainers will run the course and provide more diverse learning and in-depth knowledge. Students will also gain hands-on experience through Google Cloud Skills Boost, which provides access to over 700 hands-on workshops, role-based courses, skill badges, and certification resources featuring Google’s most requested training, including content. such as Getting Started with Google Kubernetes Engine, How Google Does Machine Learning, Professional Cloud Architect Certification Exam Preparation, and more. This will prepare students with real world scenarios and exercises, giving them skills that will be valuable in advancing their careers with certifications and technical skills to support them.

Speaking about the association, Anil Bhansali, vice president of engineering and director of India Development Center, Google Cloud said: “The era of cloud-based services has arrived and has become the norm for many businesses, but cloud skills gaps continue to weigh on businesses. This partnership with LPU aims to ensure that we build a sustainable talent pool for the future to optimize the continued growth of the cloud. “

Google Cloud has already partnered with higher education institutions in India and has trained many students in Google Cloud skills. Last month, Google Cloud also pledged to equip more than 40 million people through its Google Cloud Skills program with the aim of giving the next generation the skills and knowledge needed in a changing economy.

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