Mintra and NTC Manila Partner to Automate Seafarer Course Certification – Digital Ship

A new partnership between human capital management software specialist Mintra and the Norwegian Training Center (NTC) in Manila will make it easier for employers to register and verify the skills of seafarers.

NTC customers who also use Mintra’s crew management system, OCS HR, will now benefit from an automatic flow of end-of-course documentation.

Once a candidate has successfully completed an NTC course, customers using Mintra’s OCS HR system can see their certificates automatically uploaded to their company portal. This will in turn update the seafarer’s individual course certificate record, providing real-time skill records.

The cooperation between Mintra – a provider of digital learning and human capital management software for the maritime sector – and the non-profit organization NTC Manila automates a previously manual process, saving customers time and valuable resources.

Torbjørg Undem, Director of Mintra Marketplace, said this was another example of Mintra working together with partner organizations to deliver streamlined solutions to industry.

“OCS HR is widely regarded as one of the most comprehensive crew management systems on the market and is used by HR and crew managers to perform functions such as aircrew skill management,” said she declared.

“We are delighted to have worked with NTC Manila to develop this flow, enabling automatic certificate updates when an OCS HR customer books a course through NTC. We hope our customers enjoy the benefits of our partnership.

“We are continually looking for ways to develop solutions that have a positive impact on our customers, and we understand that any process that can save time and resources is appreciated. OCS HR is used on around 800 ships operated by Norwegian shipowners and together they have crews of around 25,000 sailors. This represents a significant volume of shipowners who will greatly benefit from automating this process.

NTC Manila, which is based in the Philippines, is a non-profit organization belonging to the Norwegian Shipowners Association. The training center was established in the 1990s to provide the best possible training for Filipino seafarers working on board Norwegian ships. Today, NTC is a leading training institution for seafarers worldwide, supporting international shipowners and managers with high quality competence.

The training center offers a combination of online, classroom and simulator training, and has provided maritime training to more than 150,000 seafarers. The foundation also offers a free cadet scholarship program, which has helped nearly 6,000 cadets become highly qualified and skilled sailors.

Captain Jo Even Tomren, Managing Director of NTC, said: “The new integration between our systems will give our customers using OSC HR the possibility of simple and hassle-free management of training documentation, which will save them time and money. We are grateful to Mintra for working closely with us to ensure the best solutions for our customers.

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