‘My PLC course was applicable to the law degree’

I did my Leaving Cert in 2018 and didn’t get enough points to enter college. At first I was going to take a business course but when I didn’t get the points I had to look at different options.

At the time, I was targeting DCU, or my local college in Dundalk, but didn’t get that offer. I didn’t know what I was going to do or what was going to happen. The whole process of studying again was just too hard to go through twice.

What I liked best was homework, I always liked it better than exams. You have more time to research and do things your way, rather than just learning things for a test. It puts a lot of pressure on the students.

I decided to take a PLC course because I didn’t want to repeat my Leaving Cert, because it was too stressful.

I did my automaton course at Dundalk, I took a business and computer course. I received a level 5 certificate with all honors and also received the student of the year for this course.

When I finished, I still hadn’t decided what I wanted to do. I had to do some research, and the law kind of drew me to Trinity. I was trying to research how many accolades I needed, and there were only five. My PLC course was applicable to law degree so I applied to CAO and was very happy to get the course.

This is what I found very good in the PLC course; a lot of it was mission oriented, you learn what you couldn’t learn in the Leaving Cert.

You wouldn’t have done school essays in the style required for college. So this is a year to develop the way to focus more on how to get the job done in college and actually get something out of it. It is a step forward. It’s a year for beginners on how to test, get things done on time, learn SEO, and what colleges are looking for.

More options

The fact that I was doing business and IT and then going into law gave me more options and I was able to see what I was really looking for. Back then, I was so focused on business and doing really well, but I had a lot more options.

It also gave me an extra year to reflect, read the modules, their descriptions. Especially when you have friends who went straight to college, they can give you feedback and advice on whether you should go.

I have always enjoyed helping people so I really enjoy the course. I am now going into my third year; I’m doing my legal and tax internship right now and I love it.

I’m still figuring out what I want to do after graduation, but I think my path will probably end up going into commercial law and doing a masters degree in that area, or maybe I could go straight there and get an internship contract. .

I never imagined going to Trinity to do a law degree; it’s just something that came out of it all and something that I took and I’m really glad I did.

My advice would really be to look at all the options and not be disappointed with your Leaving Cert results. I think there is a lot of pressure there. A lot of students are stressed because they don’t know what else is there, I didn’t even know I could take a PA class, I never knew there was a another way. This is something to definitely consider.

– Shauna Bowers

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