NMIMS B.Sc. (Hons.) Artificial Intelligence: A New Age Course for Future-Ready Careers

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India (NewsView) Simply put, AI is human-like intelligence demonstrated by computer systems. Humans demonstrate their natural intelligence in multiple ways and on multiple occasions through instinct and decision making. Likewise, the intelligence demonstrated by machines is known as AI.

AI is reshaping the world and creating a plethora of professional niches for aspirants to explore. One way to do this is through the B.Sc. from NMIMS. (Hons.) In Artificial Intelligence, offered at the Mumbai and Bangalore campuses.

The general objectives of the B.Sc. (Honors) Artificial Intelligence program is to: • Prepare students to create and develop future-ready AI and ML applications.

• Develop strong analytical thinking and problem solving skills.

• Open doors to exciting career paths.

• Develop targeted skills in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

Sundar Pichai rightly said, “AI will have as big an impact on our current generation as electricity has been on previous generations. That’s right, as AI transforms the world, students must be prepared to jump in and have rewarding and successful careers in this field. To do this, NMIMS adopts a pedagogy involving • Classroom teaching • Homework • DIY • Group discussions • Seminars • Research initiatives and synthesis projects This keeps students curious and stimulates them to learn more. Assessments are carried out in terms of assignments, subject presentations, tests and TEE. Internships in industry help students keep abreast of the latest developments.

This 4 year course also offers additional specializations in the following areas: • Decision making and robotics • Machine learning • Perception and language • Human-AI interaction They are designed to equip students with above-average skills to work with them. best in the business.

Interested in a career in Artificial Intelligence with B.Sc. from NMIMS. (Hons.) Course? Admissions for the 2021 class are underway. Only 80 seats are available in Mumbai and Bangalore. Applicants for admission must have passed their 12th class examination by a recognized jury in any strand with a minimum total of 60% marks, with at least 60% marks in mathematics.

For detailed information on course dates and specifics, please visit: science.nmims.edu/academics/programs/four-year-bsc-hons-artificial-intelligence.

Image: Create your own digital world with NMIMS PWR PWR animation and visual effects program

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