NVIDIA Announces Free Introductory DOCA Course


Following NVIDIA’s announcement last month of early access to the NVIDIA DOCA software framework, the company this week announced a free introductory DOCA course for DPUs for those who want to learn more. NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) offers a free, self-paced course titled Introduction to DOCA for DPUs, a 120-minute introductory course that teaches you how DOCA and DPUs enable the development of applications that accelerate center services. of data.

Free NVIDIA to DOCA Introductory Course for DPUs

By taking the NVIDIA course, you will learn:

– Basic concepts of DOCA as a platform for accelerated computation of data centers on DPUs
– The paradigm of the DOCA framework
– BlueField DPU specifications and capabilities
– Examples of DOCA applications in different configurations
– Possibilities of applying the accelerated calculation DPU

“Over the past decade, IT has gone beyond the limits of PCs and servers to become large-scale data centers. With this paradigm shift come Data Processing Units (DPUs), a new class of programmable processors that will join CPUs and GPUs as one of the three pillars of computing. DPUs are designed to offload all virtual data centers such as CPU networking, security and storage workloads. In doing so, they significantly reduce the overhead for the server processor to focus on its core application workload. We are very encouraged by this prospect and are excited to support this transformation of data center computing. “

“DOCA is the DPU activation software platform (with libraries, drivers, runtime environments, etc.) that sums up low level programming requirements. This is the key to unlocking the potential of DPUs to offload, accelerate and isolate data center workloads. With DOCA, developers can build applications that meet the increasing performance, security and reliability demands of modern data centers.

“In this course, you will start by getting an overview of DOCA and its features that will shape your perception of the platform and its capabilities. Through live demonstrations, you will also become familiar with the BlueField DPU hardware and the many ways to interact with it in different DOCA development environments. By the end of the course, you will be exposed to many examples of how DPU acceleration can be achieved.

Source: NVIDIA

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