Paraguay records cumulative annual inflation of 4.6%

Asunción, Oct 4 (EFE) .- Inflation in Paraguay in September was 1%, a tenth higher than in August (0.9%), while the cumulative so far this year s ‘rise to 4.6%, the Central Bank of Paraguay (PCA) reported on Monday.

For its part, interannual inflation was 6.4%, higher than the 5.6% in August, and higher than the rate of September of last year (1.6%).

The institution linked the September figures to rising consumer prices, especially food, but also fuel, household items and materials and other basket services.

In the food sector, the BCP underlined the rise in beef prices, explained, depending on the livestock sector, by the improvement in exports, the high international price of the product and the climatic conditions which affected the cost. of production.

“These factors have limited local supply, raising the prices of the main cuts of beef,” BCP said.

Based on this behavior, substitute products also experienced price increases, namely poultry, pork, beef offal, fish and sausages.

On the durable goods side of the basket, the source pointed to the increases recorded in the prices of household appliances, computer equipment and cellphones.

Likewise, the increase in the price of domestic liquefied gas is taken into account, which responds, depending on the sector, to the readjustment of the main suppliers, based in Bolivia and Argentina, due to the increase in the international price.

The BCP notes an increase in the price of cement and materials for the maintenance of the house, supported, among other factors, by the higher cost of importing and moving the product due to the descent of the Paraguay River, which makes difficult seaworthiness.

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