Pathshala Launches Online Course on “Immersive Media and Online Journalism”

The Pathshala South Asian Media Institute announced a new online course titled “Immersive Media and Online Journalism” on November 10, 2021, during a press conference in DrikPath Bhabon.

Pathshala and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) jointly organized this online course aimed at providing a platform for domestic and foreign journalists and students to reshape their approach to journalism and storytelling.

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Keynote speaker Shahidul Alam said, “Considering the current pandemic situation, one of the good signs was how to think differently. Thus, possibilities have been created to reach many students around the world by designing an online course. He discussed the courses and how online journalism can be a useful medium in the future.

Saydia Gulrukh, another keynote speaker, explained how the course was designed following the universal standard guideline, which allows journalists to establish an ethical framework for them.

The course focuses on writing visual journalism, photojournalism, video journalism, interactive journalism and immersive experience, journalism ethics, investigative journalism, and security guidelines. The lectures will be led by six Bangladeshi tutors and seven international experts from Asia who shared their experiences on specific topics during the announcement event.

Lectures, as well as registration details, are available on the Pathshala website.

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