Prepare for a cybersecurity job with this $40 course package

The world of cybersecurity isn’t all about secret spies or guys sitting in their mother’s basement. There are a variety of real-world skills, jobs, and careers to be found in the field. Find out how you can connect to modern cybersecurity with a comprehensive set of courses on the subject: the Masters in Cyber ​​Security 2022 Certification Pack.

With nine courses, 681 lessons, and over 60 hours of content, this bundle covers the ins and outs of modern cybersecurity. Dive into topics like ethical hacking, top cybersecurity certifications, penetration testing, IT, and more to start charting your own path in this important and lucrative field.

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Ethical Hacking uses the principles of hacking to test the security of sites, protecting them from future breaches. The five courses in this set on the subject introduce you to practice, covering coveted skills in using hacking to strengthen security.

Beyond ethical hacking, the courses in this bundle will help prepare you for a job in cybersecurity with general overviews followed by detailed information on how to actually apply the skills you’re learning. With an average of 4.5 out of 5 star reviews, the IT interview training course is helpful in showing you how to ace the interview process, including technical interviews, to land a job in the IT field. Prepare for cybersecurity certification exams with practice questions for CISSP, CISA, CISM, and CEH exams.

Taught by solo instructors and seasoned eLearning academies, the courses in this bundle are designed to share valuable information in a way that you can actually retain. Study cybersecurity at your own pace with intuitive lessons from highly trained instructors.

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Find your niche in cybersecurity, learn skills you can apply to competitive IT jobs with the Masters in Cyber ​​Security 2022 Certification Pack. Explore everything this bundle has to offer for the low price of $39.99 .

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