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Context of the project

Over more than 11 years of conflict, the Syrian conflict has seen human rights violations on a dramatic scale, with hundreds of thousands dead and millions displaced. The damage has also systematically targeted civilians, including media, civil society and medical personnel, and the places where they work.

While the conflict is far from over, civil society organizations face many obstacles in bringing justice to victims and holding perpetrators accountable, especially given the lack of effective governance and rule of law. . These barriers include:

  • Lack of systematic data collection – in particular: 1) attacks on health facilities; 2) medical and legal documentation of complex cases of human rights violations;
  • Limited coordination between health sector and human rights partners, legal experts, media related to channeling data for justice and accountability efforts;
  • Limited access to specialist services among at-risk populations – particularly victims of torture, arbitrary detention, forced displacement and victims of attacks on health facilities
  • Lack of psychosocial support for frontline workers caring for victims of human rights violations

The Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) Foundation advancing justice and accountability for Syrians by pursuing three objectives:

  1. Improve the quality of documentation and the preservation of evidence related to human rights violations
  2. Strengthen the participation of Syrian civil society – particularly the health sector – in international and national justice and accountability mechanisms.
  3. Increase access to comprehensive support services for victims of human rights violations.

Objective and scope of work

Under the supervision of the SAMS Senior Program Manager, and in close collaboration with the Advocacy Department and the Protection Department, the Research Consultant will work on the following:

Activity 01: Data analysis, including identifying patterns in previously collected data

Throughout this project, SAMS cleaned and organized its own data related to attacks on health workers.

Once the data cleaning is complete, the archive will be shared with the data analysis consultant. The analysis should ultimately be captured through data visualization tools (graphs, infographics, tables, etc.) and provide insight into trends regarding both attacks and their impacts on victims and communities. .

Activity 02: Supervise and conduct interviews with relatives-friends or colleagues of victims

The research consultant should also engage in direct interviews with family and friends of those killed in health attacks.

Interviews should be conducted in Arabic and then transcribed for qualitative analysis. Quotations may be used in the final report. The estimated number of interviews will be between 10 and 20. These interviews may also be presented online pending the agreement of the persons concerned.

Activity 03: Write a detailed report using evidence collected on attacks on health workers and interviews.

The analysis and previous interviews will serve as the basis for a final report. Such a report should include a review of the attacks on health workers in Syria, as well as previous efforts that have been made to achieve accountability. The report should also highlight the evidence and analysis that SAMS was able to provide due to the attacks on its own facilities. The report will be an important document in SAMS’ ongoing advocacy efforts to provide support to victims of attacks and hold perpetrators accountable.

Activity 04: Support the linking of information between the written report and the memory page

After finalizing the draft report, the web designer will develop the memorial page on the SAMS website. The consultant should advise on how best to reflect the necessary information on the webpage based on the content of the draft report.


The Research Consultant will work under the guidance of the SAMS Senior Program Manager and in coordination with the SAMS Advocacy Department.


The Research Consultant will have no authority to make any financial or executive commitments on behalf of SAMS.


  • Advanced university degree in journalism, public health or related field;
  • Proven ability to produce reports and analysis
  • Excellent knowledge of the context of protection of humanitarian workers and the conflict in Syria.
  • At least 4 years of experience in the fields mentioned above;
  • As all products will be produced in English, professional fluency in English and Arabic, both spoken and written; are required
  • Computer literate with hands-on experience with Microsoft packages;
  • Ability and willingness to work with people from different cultural backgrounds of the Syrian social fabric;
  • Demonstrated gender awareness and sensitivity, as well as the ability to integrate a gender perspective into tasks and activities.

Selection process

The search consultant will be identified and selected by SAMS, and the selected candidate will be subject to a background check.


  • A detailed report on SAMS healthcare personnel who lost their lives while providing medical care in Syria. In addition to analyzing the incidents of healthcare worker deaths documented in the SAMS archives, the written report will provide the content of the memorial page for all staff killed which will also be included in the printed report.

Timing and Level of Effort:

The selected candidate will bring their expertise and services to the project as a consultant in different phases of the project, with a total of 30 working days.

The consultant is expected to start the second week of November and deliver the final document, concluding all activities and consultation, by December 28, 2022.

Distribution of main tasks and time:

Activity 1: Data analysis

Estimated time: 5 days

Key result: Provide quantitative analysis of attacks on health workers to use this information for accountability efforts

Activity 2: Supervise and conduct interviews with relatives, friends or colleagues of the victims

Estimated time: 5 days

key output: Provide media content and qualitative content for the written and web product

Activity 3: Direct, write and design

Estimated time:15 days

key output: Documents that provide a detailed examination of attacks on health workers in Syria and in particular document personnel killed by SAMS

Activity 4: Supervise the linking of information between the written report and the memory page

Estimated time: 5 days

Key result: Have a designed copy of the report on the SAMS website

Total 30 days

How to register

Please send your resume, cost proposal, and writing sample to [email protected]

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