Roles and Responsibilities with the Online Course

Career Insight on Cloud Reliability Engineer: Roles and Responsibilities with the Online Course

Average salary (per year): US $ 100,000

Roles and responsibilities: It is also known as the Cloud Site Reliability Engineer, who is responsible for the availability, performance, monitoring, and other functionality of a company’s platforms. The candidate must ensure that everything that goes into production must conform to certain general requirements. The candidate should become the primary responsible for the health, performance and capacity of customer services in the cloud infrastructure and participate in the deployment and deployment of new product features. The role helps automate solutions such as capacity and performance planning, risk management, on-call monitoring, and disaster response.


  • Business analyst with great problem solving skills
  • Mastery of technical language to ensure the buy-in and funding of a project by stakeholders
  • In-depth understanding of version control, Linux operating system and DevOps concepts
  • Expertise in CI / CD implementation
  • Hands-on training in troubleshooting troubleshooting
  • Must have a software-centric mindset with a strong interest in coding

Best Online Courses:

IBM Certified SRE — Cloud v1 Professional: IBM offers this course for Cloud Site Reliability Engineers to demonstrate skills such as engineering scalable, secure, and highly reliable services, using automation with DevOps principles and rigorous troubleshooting to manage critical workloads on IBM Cloud as well as to perform tasks without any product or peer documentation.

Site Reliability Engineering: Measuring and Managing Coursera Reliability: Coursera offers to teach the theory of service level objectives to describe and measure the reliability of a service, error budgets and many more within a flexible time frame of four weeks and 12 hours to complete.

Site Reliability Engineering on Udemy’s AWS: Udemy offers 4.5 hours of video on demand to teach the fundamentals of cloud reliability engineering for building fault tolerance, self-healing, and reliability applications. This course is aimed at Java developers, software engineers as well as interested students with seven sections and 37 lectures.

Main institutes offering the program:

The best recruiters for this position:

  • Pay Pal: PayPal believes that it is high time to democratize financial services to manage money is a right of a citizen with the values ​​of collaboration, innovation, well-being and inclusion. It helps small and medium businesses, enterprises as well as individuals in managing risk, transparent payments and accelerating growth with one platform and multiple solutions.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the biggest platform to help professionals put more effort into their careers. The aim is to create a direct impact on the global workforce with a digital CV through innovative products and services.
  • Selling power : Salesforce focuses on CRM solutions to bring businesses and customers closer together through an integrated platform comprising of marketing, sales, commerce and service known as the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform. It’s a community of over 10 million innovators, disruptors, and free online learning from professional trailheads.
  • Wipro: Wipro is known as one of the world’s leading IT services, consulting and business process companies harnessing the power of cognitive computing, hyper-automation, cloud, robotics and many other disruptive technologies. . He is known for helping his clients adapt to the digital world with a comprehensive portfolio.
  • Competent: Cognizant is known as the global leader in professional services focused on transforming clients’ business, operational and technological models for the digital age. The consultative approach guides the client in the vision, construction and management of a more innovative and efficient business.

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