Senior researcher to be new SIU Vice Chancellor for Research and Dean of Graduate Studies

May 26, 2022

Senior researcher to be new SIU Vice Chancellor for Research and Dean of Graduate Studies

by Tim Crosby

CARBONDALE, Ill. — A University of Missouri leader with more than 30 years of experience in higher education and a background in research, graduate business and computer science will be the new vice chancellor for research and dean of academics graduate school at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

The university announced today (May 26) that Costas Tsatsoulis, vice provost for higher education and professor in the Department of Computer Science at Missouri University of Science and Technology, will resume research efforts and studies superiors of SIU. The selection is pending formal approval from the SIU Board of Directors, scheduled for the July 21 meeting. Tsatsoulis will take office on August 1.

Chancellor Austin A. Lane said Tsatsoulis will play an important role in implementing his strategic plan, Imagine 2030, whose pillars include research and innovation.

“People who have met Dr. Tsatsoulis have been impressed with his extensive research experience and his dedication to student success,” he said. “At SIU Carbondale, students can get involved in research projects as soon as they set foot on campus, including undergraduates. Dr. Tsatsoulis shares our commitment to these early opportunities. We are delighted to have him join our team. »

University officials also commended the search committee for doing an excellent job in finding qualified candidates for the final selection.

Tsatsoulis will be a leader in a research-intensive doctoral university, rated R2 by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education. In Illinois, there are only six R2 institutions and four R1 schools, or very research-intensive graduate universities. Tsatsoulis said he was inspired by SIU Carbondale’s vision to combine research and higher education.

“I believe the two are inexplicably linked: outstanding graduate students elevate a university’s research and academic output, and excellent research attracts top graduate students, Tsatsoulis said. “I was also drawn to SIU Carbondale’s goal to solidify itself as an R2 institution, the aspiration and ambition to seek R1 status, the plan to engage all students in research, scholarly and creative pursuits, and the plan to increase graduate enrolment. and graduate student success.

Long-time teacher and researcher

Tsatsoulis earned his doctorate in electrical engineering in 1987 from Purdue University. He earned his master’s degree in the same subject there in 1984, and a bachelor of arts and bachelor of science in German and electrical engineering at Purdue in 1987 and 1983, respectively.

Tsatsoulis spent the first 20 years of his academic career at the University of Kansas, starting as an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering in 1988 and serving in several key leadership positions in subsequent years. These positions included Director of the Intelligent Design Laboratory at the Center of Excellence in Computer Aided Systems Engineering (1990-97); director of the Intelligent Systems and Information Management Laboratory, Information and Telecommunications Technology Center (1997-2003) and director of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (2004-08), among others.

During this time, he also worked in private industry as Vice President of Research at Data Discovery Inc., a small company doing work in artificial intelligence, information retrieval and intelligent databases, and as a visiting scholar at the Lockheed Artificial Intelligence Center, Lockheed-Martin. Missiles and Space Co. in Palo Alto, California.

In 2008, Tsatsoulis was named dean of the College of Engineering at the University of North Texas, where he also served as a professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. He was then Associate Vice-President for International Research Partnerships (2018) and Acting Dean of the Toulouse Graduate School at UNT (2015-2016).

Increase prices, search spending

Tsatsoulis was named Vice Chancellor of Research and Dean of Graduate Studies at Missouri University of Science and Technology in September 2018. He has continued to serve there as a professor and Vice Provost for Graduate Education since a reorganization in July 2021.

As vice-chancellor for research, Tsatsoulis oversaw a more than 41% increase in grants, as well as a nearly 12% increase in research spending. In fiscal year 2021, the university’s royalty income was $720,000.

As Vice Rector for Higher Education, Tsatsoulis introduced a 4+1 program that led to a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in five years, enrolling over 100 students since its inception. To improve diversity, the university actively recruited students at events for underrepresented populations and conducted recruitment trips to China and Middle Eastern countries, using relationships with faculty and elders to open doors. The graduate program has also instituted several programs to improve student recruitment and retention.

Tsatsoulis said his first goal in moving to SIU will be to listen and learn.

“I want to hear from everyone in research and higher education – staff, students, faculty, employers,” he said. “At the same time, we will begin with programs to engage new faculty and graduate students in research and creative activities, and to inform them of opportunities across the university, while developing new opportunities for engagement. for all faculty and graduate students.”

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