Sony Computer Science Laboratories opens a new research center in Italy: Sony CSL Rome

Sony Computer Laboratories
opens a new research center in Italy: Sony CSL Rome
Rome research center dedicated to information, sustainability and artificial intelligence.

Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO Hiroaki Kitano; hereafter referred to as Sony CSL) will officially open its second European branch, Sony CSL Rome, today.

The Rome branch is Sony CSL’s 4th research location after Tokyo, Paris and more recently Kyoto, and Sony CSL Rome’s business will be dedicated to information research, sustainability and intersection between artificial intelligence and art. Sony CSL Rome is located in the prestigious Enrico Fermi Center for Studies and Research, located in the historic building “I Ragazzi di Via Panisperna”. The new laboratory was born thanks to a scientific agreement with the “Enrico Fermi” Research Center (hereinafter referred to as CREF) and represents a unique public-private effort.

Image reproduced with the kind permission of CREF

The creation of Sony CSL Rome was announced at Maker Faire Rome in October 2021 and after the long shutdown due to the pandemic, the inauguration event of the new office will take place physically today. Inviting local and national institutions and representatives from the world of entrepreneurship and innovation, this represents an opportunity to present the new laboratory and its potential synergies with the surrounding ecosystem.

Sony CSL is a cutting-edge laboratory dedicated to research that contributes to the common social good. The extreme flexibility and multidisciplinarity of the approach, adopted in the four offices in Tokyo, Kyoto, Paris and Rome, allows it to explore the most diverse fields of research, combining science, technological innovation, art and public good in a same conceptual space. The specific themes range from music to language, from the future of cities to sustainable agriculture, from creative processes to the great challenges of humanity.

The new laboratory in Rome focuses on three main areas of research:

  • Infosphere, aimed at rethinking information technologies to make information more accessible and online social dialogue more transparent, understandable and healthy.
  • Sustainable cities, aimed at developing new tools for understanding urban environments and creating predictive scenarios to make them more sustainable in order to improve the living conditions of its citizens.
  • increased creativity, explore how AI can grasp the complexity of open systems, support creativity and the arts, and help people find original, brilliant, innovative and practical solutions.

Vittorio Loreto, PhD, Director of Sony CSL Paris and Rome, says: “The opening of a new research laboratory in Rome strongly signifies Sony CSL’s expectation of Italy as a rich reservoir of excellence and creativity. The new lab’s focus on the Sustainable Development Goals and its new public-private format represents a unique opportunity to foster the establishment of a transdisciplinary community of problem-solving researchers, policymakers and practitioners. difficult with a transforming eye.”

Hiroaki Kitano, Ph.D., President and CEO of Sony CSL emphasizes, “Sony CSL is a ‘dispersive organization’ that embraces change and is constantly challenging for the future of humanity and this planet. Now that we can connect to the world wherever we are, we see more release from the constraints of physical location, while gaining new perspectives and interactions that can only come from being physically in one place. given also becomes more and more important. With the opening of the new center in Rome, we hope that the activities will develop in greater diversity, in resonance and in interaction with the existing centers and possible collaborators.”

Overview of the new laboratory
Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Rome Branch (Sony CSL Rome)
Venue: Enrico Fermi Center for Studies and Research, Via Panisperna, 89A, 00184 Roma RM, Italy
Created: October 2021

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