Space4Impact launches fifth week of free online courses on the new space economy

Credit: Space4Impact

Edinburgh, May 4, 2022. – Space4Impact, EPFL Space Center eSpace, E2MC Ventures and Space Innovation have joined forces to launch a online course on the new space economy. The program is available on edX as a free EPFLx course. Learners can watch over 30 video lectures by space experts from various fields within startups, universities, the private sector and public institutions in Switzerland.

The subject of the fifth week is remote geolocation and navigation in space. By way of introduction, Dr. Gergor Möller from ETH Zurich explains how space technology enables increasingly precise positioning on Earth (watch his video on navigation from space below). Additionally, Pablo Ghiglino, CEO of Klepsydra, explains how edge computing is used by satellites.

After these two speakers, the students have the task of putting their acquired knowledge into practice by developing their own idea of ​​a space business. First, speaker Raphael Roettgen of E2MC Ventures gives them the tools to create their own business models. Then, learners receive an overview from the EPFL Vice-Presidency for Innovation on how to access new customers, especially non-space companies. To reach this market, sales expert Frank Hugi explains in his session how to perfect their sales and marketing strategy. Finally, Raphael Roettgen explains, from a VC’s perspective, how to raise capital and make the space more attractive to investors.

If you want to register for the free New Space Economy course, go to the site by clicking here.

And in honor of Star Wars Day, “May the Force be with you!”

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