Sydney engineering and computer scientists continue to excel

By applying engineering principles to biomedical research in the exciting new field of mechanobiology, Dr Ju established a new paradigm connecting the mechanical forces that cause blood flow and their effects on hematological proteins and cells of blood clotting.

After inventing innovative biomechanical nanotools that advance our knowledge of blood clotting, Dr Ju discovered that disturbances in blood flow in a person’s veins and arteries generate mechanical forces that quickly initiate clotting. blood, causing heart attacks and strokes.

The discovery will support the development of new solutions to help diagnose, treat and control blood clotting diseases.

“Being named one of the MIT Technology Review’s Under-35 Innovators puts me alongside many talented early career researchers in Asia-Pacific,” said Dr Ju.

“I am excited about the prospect of developing better cardiovascular microdevices to benefit people and to support the early diagnosis and treatment of blood clots, and I am grateful that this work is recognized in the MIT TR35 Award. “

The achievement follows Dr Ju who was named a finalist for the Australian Museum Eureka and NSW Young Tall Poppy Award in 2020, and a future Heart Foundation leader earlier this year.

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