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The world does not move without black creativity and The Lupe Fiasco relates to the detail of how Hip-Hop plays into this fact. He was assigned to teach a rap class at MIT.

According Complex the Chicago, Illinois native practices his talents at one of the most prestigious and exclusive educational institutions in the world. On Friday, May 20, he announced that he would be teaching at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “I’ve been holding this for a while. I’ll put together something fancier later that really captures the nuance and gravity, but for now I’m just going to say it straight and raw: I’m going to teach rap to @MIT, he tweeted.

The school’s press release detailed the residency in more detail. “Grammy-winning rapper Lupe Fiasco and digital media professor Nick Montfort come together to engage the MIT community at the intersection of rap, computer science, and activism,” it read. “Fiasco’s work as a rapper and producer is inspired by his interests in cognitive science, linguistics, semiotics and computer science. During his CAST residency, he shares insights from his work as an entrepreneur and community advocate, such as working with the Society of Spoken Art (SOSA), an educational guild for aspiring and established rappers, of which he is co-founder.

The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Visiting Professor Program was established in 1991 to enhance and recognize the contributions of outstanding scholars. The program honors the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by increasing the presence of minority scholars at MIT. Visiting professors and scholars enhance their knowledge through intellectual interactions with their MIT peers and enrich the intellectual life of the Institute through their participation in MIT research and scholarly programs.

Lupe previously taught “Code Cypher” in 2021; the course was billed with the intention of “developing computer artwork that plays with language and rhythm”. You can find more information about the appointment here.

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