This course can help you learn the skills you need to be a database administrator.

Now you can develop the skills you need to grow in database administration with self-paced courses that you can take even while working full time.

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If you are looking to boost your tech career by getting into a lucrative field where long term job security is assured, then the Database Administrator fits the bill. And now you can learn the skills you need with the Affordable Database Administration Super Bundle course at your own pace.

Of course, SQL skills are always in demand, and you can learn how to create better databases in “Introduction to MySQL”. “Microsoft SQL Server – Novice to Ninja” will help you master SQL by deepening during 23 hours of lessons. Follow them with “SSIS – SQL Server Integration Services” to learn how to use SSIS for high performance data integration solutions.

Find out how to use one of the world’s leading analytics programs to predict outcomes across a variety of industries in “Minitab and its Application to Predictive Modeling.” This skill will really make your resume stand out among the crowd, so you should start looking at top tips for resumes and job interviews as soon as you finish this one. Then move on to “Modeling Regression with Minitab” to learn about the benefits of regression models.

The “Complete Visual Analysis Using Tableau Course” can teach you how to create data visualizations that anyone can understand. If your skills are already at the intermediate level, you can learn how to use Informatica for data integration in “Informatica: A Complete Practical Guide on Informatica and DAC” and how to design more dynamic web applications in “MongoDB – The NoSQL Base Data for Cloud and Desktop Computing. ”This one will prepare you for the more advanced“ NoSQL – MongoDB Developer ”.

These courses are offered by Corporate Bridge Group. The company is one of the world’s leading providers of skills-based training specializing in step-by-step online learning.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to build databases and analyze data, get the Database Administration Super Bundle today when it’s available for just $ 59 (normally $ 2,700 ).

Prices subject to change.

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