Timothy Havens becomes director of the Great Lakes Research Center


Timothy Havens is blessed with a goal he set for himself over 20 years ago. Havens was a guest this week on Copper Country Today and talked about his experience as a student at Michigan Tech in the 1990s. He earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in electrical and computer engineering from the university, then went to found working at MIT. He says he always wanted to find a way to come back here.

After sailing to Missouri to earn his doctorate, Havens made that dream a reality. He is part of the electrical and computer engineering faculty, with an office next to his mentor.

I remember the class that turned that key for me. It was Mike Roggemann’s signal processing course. It was really interesting because his office is right next to mine now. So the person who really turned the page for me in engineering is right next door, which is cool.

He will retain this position while also assuming the responsibilities of Director of the Great Lakes Research Center. Havens says the building’s location on campus allows it to easily accommodate faculty from multiple disciplines, and he hopes to continue to grow the institute. Havens says new robots will arrive this spring and will be the talk of the town.

We’re going to get a new ship to be part of our Marine Autonomy Research Site, which is a site around Michigan Tech for aquatic robot testing. It will be 25 feet long, powered by a diesel engine. It looks like an alien ship on water. It’s gonna be really cool.

The Great Lakes Research Center was founded in 2012 and led by Guy Meadows until recently. Meadows remains on staff and plays an active role in center operations.

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