Toyota released a video of a self-driving Supra drifting the course. Under development as an emergency security technology – Japanese version Engadget

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The Toyota Research Institute (TRI) is developing an AI autonomous driving system that drifts in FR drive vehicles like a professional driver. The reason is not to participate in the D1 Grand Prix with this robot car, but of course, when the car suddenly enters rotation, the automatic driving system can quickly regain control of the car. To make this possible.

Tesla saw many drivers at the intersection not stopping completely at the stop sign and had the beta FSD software mimic it. This is an example of misunderstanding what safety is because of the idea of ​​making an autonomous driving system drive like a human being.

On the other hand, Toyota has the same idea of ​​an autonomous driving system that drives like a human driver, but Toyota teaches the advanced drifting technique to the autonomous driving system to ensure safety.

Speaking of drift driving, people influenced by a certain manga/animation love it, and it’s a method of driving that intentionally makes a car slide and turn a curve. However, as you can see from how to race in a car rally competition, if the driver has the ability, he can easily clear the spot even if he enters a tight corner at high speed, and that is a technique that can also be used to avoid seizures.

The released video shows how the modified Toyota Supra is used to automatically drift around the pylon and other obstacles on the test course. The driver’s seat is not unmanned, but a real driver is on board. However, this is only for emergencies, and even while drifting, the driver does not hold the steering wheel while drifting.

TRI started this project about a year ago in collaboration with the Dynamic Design Lab at Stanford University.

“When faced with wet or slippery roads for any reason, professional drivers may have the ability to drift, but many of us are not professional drivers,” the researchers said. “That’s why the TRI is closed. We program a vehicle that identifies obstacles on a good test course and automatically avoids them by skidding. “

The technology is expected to enable self-driving systems to control skidding vehicles and avoid collisions, such as when a vehicle begins to skid on a snowy road or on the frozen pavement of a bridge. . ..

The TRI Supra is equipped with computer controlled steering, throttle, clutch, transmission, wheel specific brakes, etc., which the system automatically creates and controls a drift condition. It also uses near Formula Drift spec suspensions, engines, transmissions and safety features to help collect data.

Of course, there are various conditions that differ between deliberately creating and controlling a drift condition on a safe test course and rebuilding a car that’s sliding down a narrow public road and you don’t know what that there is around, for example, the next generation of Toyota . This is not the case when it comes to self-driving, drifting cars. However, Toyota plans to continue research into self-driving technology that “amplifies human capability on the road” in extreme conditions that exceed the limits of the vehicle’s capabilities.

By the way, Toyota TRI will be in 2016″When an accident is about to occur while driving, take direction from the driver and take evasive action.” Guardian Angel, an automatic driving function, announced the development of. The automatic drift function this time seems to be a technology developed by inheriting this DNA.


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