Train for certification in Python, cybersecurity and more with this 6-course exam preparation

TL; DR: Train for certification with the All-in-one Microsoft, Cybersecurity and Python exam prep package for only $ 29 – a 97% discount – through October 6.

You could work your butt by learning and practicing all of the skills of a technology professional in demand. But without the right certifications, your knowledge is somewhat useless. Sorry to bring bad news to those of you who hate taking tests.

Fortunately, this All-in-one Microsoft, Cybersecurity and Python exam prep package makes it easy to study and prepare to pass all essential certification exams in one place.

Created by Dr Chris Shopping Center, holder of a doctorate. in computer science, software development, as well as several professional certifications in computer science, you can rest assured that the information in these study guides is current and accurate.

The guides in this set will prepare you to take the Python MTA 98-381, MTA 98-361, ITIL 4, PCEP-30-01, PCAP-31, CompTIA CySA +, and GDPR CIPP / E exams.

The Python MT 98-381 exam essentially proves that you can recognize and write correctly syntactically and logically Python code, while the MT 98-361 exam highlights your basic software development skills. You will need hands-on experience for both, which you will get in the first two course guides in this set. Other courses will cover IT service management through an end-to-end operating model, the PCEP methodology used in a project environment, different types of cybersecurity tools in the market and for use in different scenarios, and what almost everyone, including individuals, employees and employers should know about GDPR.

With over 20 hours of content in total, you’ll be well equipped to pass your exams on all of these topics. Feel free to work at your own pace and register to take the exams when you feel you have gone through enough information. With lifetime access, there is no rush.

Worth $ 1,200, you can get this essential six-course computer study guide for just $ 29 For a limited time.

animated man wearing computer shirt surrounded by small coding graphics

animated man wearing computer shirt surrounded by small coding graphics

Credit: Dr Chris Mall

Microsoft all-in-one training pack, cybersecurity and Python exam preparation

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