Trust Stamp Inc hires biometrics expert as research director in Malta

The appointment of Reuben Farrugia, Associate Professor at the University of Malta, comes amid the company’s continued investment in R&D alongside multiple patent filings in early 2022

Trust Stamp (NASDAQ:IDAI, EURONEXT:AIID) Inc said it has appointed Professor Reuben Farrugia as Director of Research in Malta as part of the company’s continued investment in research and development alongside multiple patent filings at the beginning of 2022.

As an internationally recognized authority on biometrics with nearly two decades of experience in image processing and computer vision and more than 70 peer-reviewed international publications, the company said Farrugia brings deep expertise to the Trust Stamp team (NASDAQ:IDAI, EURONEXT:AIID).

He is an Associate Professor at the University of Malta, National Contact for the European Biometrics Association (EAB) and Senior Member of the IEEE, having previously served as General Chair of the IEEE International Workshop on Biometrics and criminalistics.

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“Trust Stamp has built a strong research-driven science team with experts in artificial intelligence, cryptography, and biometrics, whose global backgrounds and diverse experience have driven the innovation behind the company’s rapid success. company for the past six years. Reuben is a valuable addition to our team with exceptional insight and highly developed skills in the area of ​​biometrics,” Trust Stamp CTO Scott Francis said in a statement. .

“Building on the momentum of our record success in 2021 and our Nasdaq listing in January this year, Trust Stamp looks forward to working with Reuben to develop, patent and deliver new technologies that accelerate secure financial and societal inclusion while increasing long-term recurring revenue.”

Trust Stamp said its continued drive to innovate transformative privacy-focused solutions follows several patent applications filed in early 2022 and recently announced financial support from Malta Enterprise for its medical QR code solution from generation that overlays data privacy, protection and portability to complement current and future digital health certificate programs using the company’s advanced tokenization technology to enable user-controlled access to medical data at both online and offline.

Protected by Trust Stamp’s comprehensive presentation attack detection capabilities, the innovation works across all identity modalities, including the company’s own growing line of biometric capture and analysis tools for biometrics. facial, palm and fingerprint, which are optimized for precise authentication without sharing biometric data, using just a mobile phone.

With continued growth in European operations, Trust Stamp recently announced the appointment of Josh Allen as CEO of its Malta and Rwanda based subsidiaries. Celebrating this continued progress, Malta’s Minister for Energy, Business and Sustainable Development, Dr Miriam Dalli, visited Trust Stamp’s European R&D center earlier this month.

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