US and Dutch universities appeal to Mumbai students with multiple course options

Public and private universities from countries such as the United States and the Netherlands have organized an international study fair for Indian students wishing to study abroad at the Courtyard by Marriott in the city.

As India is one of the largest markets for international students, the universities present at the show showcased their program specialty, environment, benefits and more for people who wanted to know more about what each university offered them. Students from a variety of educational backgrounds were on hand to get a sense of what pursuing an education abroad would be like for them.

Daksh Sharma, a second-year student, who is currently preparing for his advice, has his eyes fixed on the biology or microbiology programs. “Even though I haven’t left school yet, my goal is to eventually study abroad. I came to the study fair today to get an idea of ​​what programs would be best for me. I was more interested in microbiology at first but after coming here I realized that biology probably has more scope than I previously thought,” said Daksh, who is looking forward to attending other trade shows. Another student, Reena Sawant, a graduate student at KC College, said she wanted to pursue an MBA or other business programs despite having a background in computer science. “My choice in 2020 , during the pandemic, was either to wait a year to apply for a program abroad or to pursue online masters in India, so I chose the latter,” said Reena who was at the study fair to be sure of her choices. and was happy that it helps to better understand the process behind it. Kannan Sundaram, who currently works for an IT company, was present at the event to explore his options for studying and working in the United States or the Netherlands. “I think the Netherlands offers good options for someone who wants to study and work because the country offers a lot of choice when it comes to the same. I want to see if I can take a course that caters to the marketing or business and also provides flexible job opportunities,” Kannan said.

The universities present at the fair had a wide range of options ranging from space, cinema to business, games, tourism, etc. Ayesha Sardana, regional director for South Asia at Iowa State University of Science and Technology, said that since they are funded, university students will have more advantages with the cost and infrastructure of the institution. while having the opportunity to take top-notch research courses in the United States. Iowa State University introduced candidates to its 100+ majors, STEM and other research-based degrees while explaining its distinction of being part of the Association of American Universities which recognizes research universities that advance society. Google, IBM, Microsoft are among the best employers who have partnered with the University.

Private non-profit universities such as SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) and Full Sail have also made their presence felt with courses focusing on film and television, graphic design, games, animation and more. Moreover. As India is one of the largest markets for students wishing to pursue STEM courses, universities are eager to find more Indian students who would be interested in art and design courses. “Students especially from the city of Mumbai have applied for courses at our university. Some are now working with Xbox, Microsoft and other major gaming and technology companies. Full Sail welcomes admissions every year during a year, which is also beneficial for students,” said Anu Kalhan, India/Middle East Regional Admissions Director for Full Sail University, located in Florida. “There are currently 600 Indian students in our university, which is the most after China and many of our programs are supported by STEM,” said Jeff Jones of Savannah College of Art and Design.

Testifying to the diversity of choices available to Indian students, universities specializing in aeronautics also presented their programs to students. “What we have observed is that Indian students mainly apply for space and aeronautical programs. Although we do not receive the highest number of Indian students, it is in the top 5 countries applying for our courses. We have our locations in the state of Arizona and Florida while also having branches in Singapore and Brazil,” said Lauren Humphrey, director of international admissions at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Two of the largest states in the United States were also represented, as California Baptist University and Southern Methodist University in Texas also represented. While SMU caters to everything from art, computer science, engineering, journalism to psychology, drama, etc., CBU offers various undergraduate and postgraduate programs within the same meaning, including business psychology. “Thousands of Indian students are admitted to our university. We also engage in merit-based scholarship programs at our university and have a thriving non-academic culture on campus,” said Dinesh Rajan of SMU , who added that since Dallas has become a prime location for immigrants, it’s a perfect city for students.

In the Netherlands, the Tio University of Applied Sciences, which has establishments in the cities of Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Utrecht, was the only university in the country and offered courses in the fields of hotel and event management and tourism , which are mainly taught in English. “We are aiming to have more Indian students as it is a huge market. As for the neighboring country, Bangladesh, about 20% of our international students come from there. We hope that Indian students will be attracted by the culture. , safety, tolerance, work opportunities and much more that the Netherlands offers. After Covid we are also able to expand throughout Asia which will be a huge gain for us and the students said Lotte Van Rijjen, International Admissions Manager, Tio University.

The study fair organized by ISN (International Student Network) based in the United States will organize more events in the month of September for Indian students who want to study abroad and want to know more about it.

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Posted: Saturday, March 19, 2022, 10:13 PM IST

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