VBU, Hazaribagh launches cyber defense course

Vinoba Bhave University (VBU), Hazaribagh, an up-and-coming university in Eastern India, launched “PG Diploma in Cyber ​​Defense”, a new online course in collaboration with Cybervidyapeeth Foundation on August 12. Governor of Jharkhand, Ramesh Bais today released/unveiled the program brochure to Raj Bhawan Ranchi. Shri Bais said, “I am glad to note that Vinoba Bhave University, Hazaribagh is launching a ‘Post Graduate Diploma in Cyber ​​Defense (Cyber ​​Rakshak-Advance)’ in partnership with Cybervidyapeeth Foundation. He further added that VBU has taken an important step in building a pool of cyber defense talent needed to make ‘Bharat’ cyber resilient. The occasion was graced by Dr. Mukul Narayan Deo, Dr. Ashish Saha, Dr. Arun Mishra, Prof. Geeta Sinha, Dr. Mamta Verma, Balaji Venketshwar, Sonam Sugandha, SarweshRaunak, Dr. Sudhakar Deo, Shashank Shekhar Garuryar, etc

While giving this information, the Vice Chancellor of the university Dr. Mukul Narayan Deo informed that VBU is one of the first among the seven state universities in the state to take this initiative to establish a market-ready talent pool of cyber defense experts with an aim to make India a country resilient to cyber attacks. At a time when cyber criminals pose a huge threat, creating a pool of combat-ready resources for cyber defense is the need of the hour, he added.

Director of UCET, Dr. Ashish Saha from Vinoba Bhave University mentioned that according to Michael Page, the world’s largest human resource firm, the shortage of skilled cyber forces in 2021 in India is 1.1 million and worldwide about 3.1 million. By 2025, India needs 1.5 million Cyber ​​Rakshak and the world needs about 5 million Cyber ​​Rakshak at the same time. It is time to set up a Cyber ​​Education & Cyber ​​Defense Technology Park strategy for Jharkhand. Jharkhand can become the hottest talent pool hub in the next 5 years and become a global leader in the field of e-education. In turn, we Indians can reap $100 billion over the next 5 years and add significant value in terms of the target of $5 trillion in savings by 2025.

Dr. Mamta Verma, Director of Cybervidyapeeth Foundation, Faridabad, felt that India needed a trustworthy indigenous computing system. To build such a complex system, we need cyber defense engineering skills as a basic capability. This is the right time to build a million Cyber ​​Rakshak to steer the country towards the indigenous system and to lay a solid foundation for a cyber-resilient Bharat.

Speaking to the Press Chairman, Cybervidyapeeth, Shashank Shekhar Garuryar informed that the country needs nearly one million cyber defense experts to fight against ever increasing systemic cyber attacks aimed at destabilizing the nation. He further added, “Bulk cyber defense engineering talent is key to Nation’s security and resilience. If Bharat wants to bring true cyber resilience, we need to follow a cyber-engineering talent creation journey. A good surplus in the Cyber ​​Rakshak talent pool can close the talent gap and support the global economy.

Balaji Venketshwar, Chief Mentor-Cyber ​​Defense, Cybervidyapeeth Foundation, mentioned that cyber attacks are engineering challenges and require technical response and competent cyber defense engineering resources to solve the puzzle. He informed that security establishments around the world are witnessing a paradigm shift in security settings to protect national critical infrastructures from the changing dimensions of cyber-attacks that have changed the very dimension of warfare both defensively than offensive. Cybervidyapeeth’s curriculum and approach to online pedagogy is well aligned with the cyber defense needs of today’s complex cyber world. A combination of virtual classroom supported by NASA’s 5E Pedagogy-aligned learning system and Israel’s world’s best simulator clearly offers a unique learning advantage for students who have chosen to become cyber warriors of the next generation. The entire course is designed for weekend sessions and targets 3rd year graduates, postgraduates and working professionals from across the country with the current capacity of accommodating 5000 students at the same time for the “Graduate Diploma in Cyber ​​Defense – Cyber ​​Rakshak (Advance)”.

Students must register for the course online at https://cybervidyapeeth.in/courses/pg-diploma-in-cyber-defense/. The candidate will have to take an online exam on Python programming and the psychometric test. Only successful students will be eligible for final admissions and should apply online at www.vbu.ac.in and the link will be sent digitally to eligible students. We are available at [email protected] and on mobile at +91-9711147900 for any clarifications between 8am and 8pm any day of the week.

The cost of the course plus 15 months for access to the 24×7 simulator will cost students INR 80000/- + taxes payable with the online application. Student. We have also facilitated online student loans for needy students from banks.

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