Viewpoints highlights future demand for research institutions

Muscat: Leading conversations on industry-relevant topics that positively impact the community, Sohar International recently wrapped up its 11th virtual edition of Viewpoints.

Conceptualized and moderated by the President of Sohar International, Mr. Mohamed Mahfoodh Al Ardhi, the last session welcomed as a guest speaker the famous historian and author, Professor David Nirenberg. Director and Professor Leon Levy at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, Nirenberg focused on “What kind of research and research institutions does the future demand?” where he highlighted the key aspects of research, the vital role of research institutions and how its needs and demands are constantly changing.

The virtual edition, which was broadcast live via Sohar International’s YouTube channel and Zoom platform, saw the active participation of university students, industry leaders, senior executives and professionals from different sectors of the society.

The session was broadcast live for students, faculty and management at the renowned Oman College of Banking and Financial Studies.

The CBFS audience participated with intrigue and curiosity by asking several relevant questions that could help them in their future careers.

Relevant, engaging and inspiring, the forum, designed in a format that stimulates interaction, gave participants the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogues with the speaker.

Those who missed the live stream can now watch the full session on the bank’s official YouTube page.

Commenting on the session, Mohamed Mahfoodh Al Ardhi said, “Viewpoints of Sohar International is revered for its distinctive perspective on enhancing community interactions through thought-provoking discussions. As an organization, Sohar International has always been at the forefront of community initiatives that provide an impetus to improve the knowledge, skills and competencies of individuals while giving them the necessary exposure and familiarization with the dynamics of international markets.

Mohamed Al Ardhi added saying, “Viewpoints features speakers who have led transformation in their fields at the highest level. The ideas discussed by Professor David Nirenberg were therefore enlightening. He went beyond giving participants a renewed perspective on the critical role of research – he targeted a more fundamental level and underscored the need to always keep an open mind, to remain curious and to be receptive to change. Through initiatives like these, Sohar International will continue to persevere in developing a strong vision for the future of our nation, implementing concrete actions that deliver results, and identifying opportunities. for our young people to flourish.

A veteran in the field with an inherent passion for research and innovation, Professor David Nirenberg, in his keynote, explained how the world is experiencing massive datafication – where all aspects of human life become data, which is transferred to information and then realized as a new form of value.

He discussed the interesting aspect of using machine vision and signal processing to solve complex industrial tasks effectively and efficiently.

While talking about the evolution of the data revolution, Nirenberg focused on machine learning, a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) and computer science that uses data and algorithms to emulate the human learning, gradually improving its accuracy over time; and the increased relevance of data-driven decision making and data interpretation today.

Viewpoints – Sohar’s International President’s Forum is strongly aligned with the bank’s broader goals of sparking curiosity in the minds of young people, empowering the community through knowledge-sharing platforms, and advocating for global best practices. As a bank that prioritizes innovation, Sohar International has always recognized the importance of research and development to keep pace with market needs.

The bank has also adopted various technological advancements to better serve the needs of the community. In the same vein, Viewpoints, which was initially organized as a series of physical events, adapted to changing demand and took the virtual route, where it continues its success story.

The platform hosted several international industry experts as guest speakers who not only shared invaluable insights but also gave attendees a fresh perspective on the world.

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