VisualCortex partners with Wollongong Uni for AI research

University of Wollongong Campus

Credit: UOW

The University of Wollongong (UOW) has leveraged video intelligence platform VisualCortex to join its artificial intelligence hub, joining Telstra, Microsoft and NVIDIA.

Founded by Tony Nicol, also a founder of Sydney-based Servian, VisualCortex provides video analytics that will enable UOW scholars to “produce machine learning models at scale”.

As part of this partnership, VisualCortex has established a satellite office within the UOW’s SMART Infrastructure facility, as well as the Telstra-UOW Research Center for AIOT Solutions.

UOW’s SMART Infrastructure Facility specializes in applying data analytics, advanced simulation, smart city technology, and video analytics to key infrastructure challenges, including l power, roads, rail urban growth and regional development.

The initiative brings together over 30 experts from industry and academia, focusing on delivering globally applicable AIOT results in smart transportation, smart logistics, resilient infrastructure and smart manufacturing.

As a result of this partnership, UOW and VisualCortex will also reference client work and jointly deliver solutions to the industry.

VisualCortex co-founder Patrick Elliott said the company’s video intelligence platform will help “research bring change to the real world.”

“At the same time, UOW provides exceptional academic expertise, industry relationships and data governance, Elliott explained.

“The marriage of the two – VisualCortex’s enterprise-ready computer vision platform, coupled with UOW’s ability to use this platform as a vehicle to deliver ML models produced by academics – represents an ideal partnership. It’s a win for everyone. »

According to Elliott, the agreement will allow VisualCortex easier access to skills through talent exchanges, internships and graduate hiring programs with the university.

“Although the SMART Infrastructure Facility’s journey to intelligent video analytics is relatively recent, the growth in effort and demand has been near exponential,” said Professor Pascal Perez, Director of the SMART Infrastructure Facility. “So we know, based on its technology and the number of inquiries we’re fielding, that the market opportunity for VisualCortex is wide and wide.

“What VisualCortex is trying to do is brave: right now, most of the video analytics market is growing around vertical integration; and tailor-made – if not ad hoc – solutions for specific sectors, or even sub-sectors.

“That means we’re going to see a lot of redundancy in terms of deploying all these single-use computer vision tools and the fees that end users will have to pay. We therefore need a cross-functional approach, which VisualCortex implements with its industry-neutral platform. »

The Telstra-UOW Research Center for AIOT Solutions was first announced in October last year and was established with the support of a $1.7 million federal government SURF grant.

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