VSO pianist Robert Ronning launches free online piano course for young people

“Robert Ronning Music – Free Online Piano Lessons For Young People”

Looking for piano lessons during the holidays? Robert Ronning offers free online piano lessons for young people. Some of you are looking to learn the piano on your own, others are looking to achieve the goal of learning on behalf of your child, and some are here for a second opinion. Whatever the case, our team is on hand to provide you with the knowledge you need to make your dream come true.

My name is Robert ronning and I am an award winning pianist from Vancouver BC. In my childhood, my mother would search the repertoire for a piano teacher and ask her friends for recommendations. After choosing a teacher, she scheduled 30-minute lessons, which we drive to and from each week. We also bought a spruce piano with a few quirks. I look forward to helping young people get involved in piano and composition. Thanks to the Internet, you don’t have to leave your comfortable home to learn to play the piano. The time and expense of going to a studio is a thing of the past. Robert Ronning’s interactive apps and live lessons via online chat and video tools let you learn from anywhere, anytime.

These developments have tremendous benefits, making learning the piano more accessible and convenient than ever. As a student, if you have a hard time with a lesson, you don’t need to wait patiently for the next lesson, because lesson as many times as you want on your computer or phone.

It might sound like a great idea, but it comes with a downside: Advances in technology can come at a cost.

Many people will enjoy the privilege of being able to repeat a lesson as many times as they want and Robert Ronning makes that possible.

Additionally, learning to play the piano through technology can diminish the art of music, describing the piano as nothing more than a technical exercise rather than an adventure in artistic expression.

So while technology platforms can make learning the piano more interesting, learning from a studio teacher can make your journey more inspiring.

That being said, the choice is entirely yours and there is no one right answer. The question is not, “What’s the best way to learn the piano?” It’s, “What’s the best way to learn piano for me?” “

You cannot play the piano without a keyboard, and a digital or acoustic keyboard is essential. But which one will you choose? Acoustic offers a more authentic sound, but digital offers a more practical option. The acoustic piano offers true mechanics and superior tone and timbre. When you press the keys, you can feel the small vibrations as the felt hammers hit the metal strings. You can hear the acoustic reverberations of the sound and control it with the pedals like a potter controls wet clay.

It is the same for pianos with electric traction. Pressing the buttons triggers an electrode which comes into contact with a metal string. Find out why people come to Robert Ronning Music for piano lessons today. For generations, music education experts have used these methods to successfully train students. These programs are all different in one way or another, but they follow a general pattern. With most programs, you will be given explanations of important concepts. With markings and illustrations of various colors, it will be easier to compensate for the lack of teacher. Nonetheless, you will need to apply yourself diligently. If you are unsure of a concept you can always turn to Google or YouTube or ask someone who is an expert in music. This strategy takes a more minimal approach than a full piano program suggests, focusing only on music theory.

AT Robert ronning Music, we teach you every step of the way. There will be no practice playing the keyboard (you will have to guess these items yourself). To play by ear is to play by ear without music theory. This means that if you are learning the piano with just music theory then you have it “on steroids”. If you use this approach, the more experimental learner will be satisfied because you will learn what you can experience on your own. Without paying for lessons or buying books, this is the cheapest solution.

To listen to existing music by ear, you need to listen carefully and repeatedly to the songs you want to play. Then, to play new music, you must first imagine the sounds in your mind. You can experiment with a keyboard by speaking out loud and see what comes out of it. For a simpler approach, just play on a keyboard and see what comes out of it. Keep playing until you find some sounds you like and go from there!

You can find a piano teacher the same way you find a gardener or a carpenter. You can follow a similar approach using the Royal Conservatory’s Teacher Finder, or try word of mouth, asking friends, family or neighbors for recommendations. If you’re involved with home schooling, the local co-op is a great place to start with recommendations. Private piano lessons are a great way to learn more about playing the keyboard or piano, but they are quite expensive. The main advantages of one-to-one lessons are the possibilities of group masterclasses and public recitals, which is not possible with group lessons as teachers have to spend their time teaching large numbers of students. And while the cost can be steep, private lessons can actually save money in the long run.

Web chat and video conferencing have ushered in a new era of possibilities for keyboard instruction. All you need is a webcam, microphone, internet connection, and piano or keyboard on both sides. You can even use a piano when prompted by Robert ronning! There are many websites that you should search for a teacher online. You know the pros and cons of acoustic and digital pianos. Acoustic pianos offer amazing musical qualities, while digital keyboards offer incredible convenience and cutting-edge functionality.

You also know your learning options. They vary in price and level of commitment. The downside for the self-taught is that there isn’t a single person to help you directly, which is why Robert Ronning has developed a virtual piano lesson. Traditional methods offer unprecedented personal mentorship, but the cost may not be worth it for some people.

Finally, an innovative hybrid approach makes many of the benefits of one-to-one lessons available through live online video conferencing. But, this new type of education requires serious dollars.

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Isn’t it amazing that you have so many options? Now is the time to assess your goals, interests, finances, and resources. Which combination of keyboard and learning method best suits your needs and style

I offer my online course for young people – Beginning Piano for Youth by Robert Ronning available on my website www.robertronning.com

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