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The next high school in Wake County in Research Triangle Park has a new name: “Wake Early College of Information and Biotechnologies”.

The council approved the name unopposed on Tuesday. It was recommended by district officials last week and approved Wednesday with some modifications by the council’s facilities committee.

On Tuesday, board members reiterated their enthusiasm for the school and its IT orientation.

Board member Jim Martin said he appreciated the president and board of directors of Wake Technical Community College for working with the district on the high school, which he called “another great one.” partnership opportunity ”with the college.

The school district already has six first colleges, including three from partnerships with Wake Tech.

The school is slated to open next fall to freshmen and sophomores, accepting 150 students for its first year of operation on the RTP campus of Wake Technical Community College. Once a second building is constructed just outside the RTP, the school will be open to 300 students in all four grade levels, eventually expanding to 400.

It will be the district’s first school in Research Triangle Park and the first high school in Morrisville.

The other choices, not approved by the council’s facilities committee last week, were: West Wake College and Career Academy, Morrisville College & Career Academy and Research Triangle Park Early College of Information and Biotechnologies.

District governments urged not to approve a name including “RTP” or “Research Triangle Park” due to the existence of two charter schools in Durham with the names “Research Triangle”. One of them is also a high school.

The new name, as chosen by the facilities committee and approved on Tuesday, allows for unofficial and specific references to the location of the two buildings that will house the classrooms. A campus will be located on the Research Triangle Park campus of Wake Technical Community College, and the future Parkside Middle School, adjacent to the town of Morrisville, will also accommodate some classes.

For district marketing purposes, the two buildings may be referred to as “Wake Early College of Information and Biotechnologies Campus in Morrisville” and “Wake Early College of Information and Biotechnologies Campus in Parkside”.

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