What is robotic surgery?

What is robotic surgery?

Robotic surgery is a type of minimally invasive surgery. Also, during which doctors use very small surgical instruments that fit into a patient’s body through a series of tiny incisions.

However, is it really “robotic surgery” or a train station definition?

Many surgeons believe that there is no real robotic surgery.

What some call robotic surgery are becoming computer-controlled devices. In addition, to reach where the fingers have trouble getting through, controlled by surgeons using magnification, with fiber optic or X-ray visualization.

Moreover, in all the systems we know, the surgeon controls the devices in real time. Additionally, whether the surgeon is at the incision, elsewhere in the operating room, or even in another location.

We are not aware of any system programmed to perform surgery on its own.

Many systems advise the surgeon.

For example, during knee arthroplasty. The surgeon receives advice with a green light. When his bone resection was correct. According to the correlation of the knee computer program with the preoperative computed tomography of the knee.

If his resection was nearly complete, a red light would flash.

Finally, if the system thought it might make a bad cut, an alarm would sound, this system, called the Maki, which has been very successful, but is by no means self-contained, so it is unsuitable for the call robotic surgery.

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Frank Wilczek

What is robotic surgery?

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