Wordle best starting word was understood with science (computing)

Everyone has their starting word to start their daily Wordle challenge – for some reason “Pssst” and “Myrrh” always eat up my chances of victory – but the best word to use is later according to Tiktok user Crvlwanek.

In a reply to another user claiming that the best starting word is mad, Crvlwanek decided to put this theory to the test by going through Wordle’s entire list of words and creating a custom script program to use frequency analysis on each letter. Each word was also scored on the frequency of each letter, then an optimal starting word was chosen from the data.

From this research, “later” has risen to the top and it’s not hard to see why. With two vowels and three consonants in its construction, it goes through some of the most commonly used letters of the alphabet and tells you what the word of the day is without you having to sneak around the free dictionary website.

In case you were wondering, the worst starting word to use is Xylyl according to Crvlwanek’s research.

Wordle has been a fun distraction since it grew in popularity this year. It’s challenging without ever feeling unfair and each puzzle is educational. At least one fun-hating person has successfully programmed an anti-Wordle bot that targets anyone who posts their daily results to Twitter, but his reign of linguistic terror was cut short after Twitter banned him.

In more heartwarming news, a developer with an unrelated Wordle app has donated his recent Apple App Store bargain to charity after seeing an increase in downloads.

If you want more options for adding big five-letter words to your vocabulary, we have a feature on the best starter words to use in Wordle.

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