World Design University Announces Unique Film Course Led by Farrukh Naqi Azmi

The World University of Design is introducing a 6-month Certificate Program in Filmmaking in its 2022 academic session. The program will be led by a veteran trainer for aspiring actors, Mr. Farrukh Naqi Azmi, and will start from March 2022 .

The program aims to provide in-depth training to applicants for a career in the Bollywood Hindi film industry and has a limited number of 25 places which will be allocated based on application and personal interview. Divided into 2 divisions of 3 months each, contestants will first undergo intensive training in the first semester and then feature in a full-scale feature film which will then be used to launch them as actors. The film will be produced and distributed by WUD itself. This is a unique offering that sets this course above other shorter courses.

The 6-month acting course is designed in such a way that students instill a sense of confidence and act effortlessly in front of the camera, gain a good command of spoken language with flawless dialogue delivery; mastering facial expressions, developing good body language and flexibility; develop the essential skills of observation, imagination, memory of the senses and emotions; ability to improvise; master movement with special emphasis on dance skills to improvise; and the fundamentals of action choreography.

As World Design University sets foot in a new genre, Dr Sanjay Gupta (World Design University Vice-Chancellor) says: “Extremely delighted and hopeful to add the Filmmaking course to our diverse menu of courses!More than that, I am thrilled to have someone as seasoned and knowledgeable as Mr. Azmi onboard with us and mark this essential milestone in the history of the university. past we have seen students showing interest in the film field and I am very sure that the places will be taken soon.”

Peppered to handle his new role at World University of Design, Mr. Farrukh Naqi Azmi said, “I have been training aspiring actors for over 3 decades now in India as well as overseas, but each time, any the experience feels new to me. Every place has its own dialects, vocal formations, and a certain way of life that needs to be assessed before the grooming, diction, and all the technique takes shape. So here I am, eager and waiting to begin the acting trip for new kids!”

While advancing its footsteps to provide a bright future for its students, the university will ensure that every student gets plenty of auditions in Mumbai. WUD not only arranges for its students to be equipped with necessary skills like makeup and video editing, but also provides them with prospects to produce their own short films or music videos if they wish.

About World University of Design: World University of Design (WUD) is India’s premier university dedicated to educating students in the creative field. Located in the heart of India’s educational hub – Rajiv Gandhi Education City, Sonipat, Haryana – WUD is playing the role of a forerunner of a revolution in the education system in India. He has been a torchbearer for breaking stereotypical educational models and has facilitated the shift of design studies from being purely vocation-oriented to academically oriented; thus offering justified diplomas (under articles 2 (f) and 22 (l) of the UGC law) to its students instead of mere diplomas and certificates.

Established in 2018, the World University of Design is a young university offering a myriad of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs in disciplines including architecture, design, fashion, communication, visual arts, performing arts and management. Equipped with the largest design course portfolio in India, the university offers a number of cutting-edge programs in Computer Science and Design, Transportation Design, Animation and Game Design, UI/UX, Film and Video, Business Studies built environment and habitat, design management, arts education, curatorial practice, etc.

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